Xbox Live Has Another Slow Day and an Open Letter to Microsoft

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Posted on April 5, 2008, Chris Xbox Live Has Another Slow Day and an Open Letter to Microsoft


After the horrible mess that was Xbox Live following the Christmas holidays, things seemed to be back on track. Sure, you’d still run into laggy games here and there, but that’s what you come to expect when playing games online.

Cue yesterday and the release of the first Call of Duty 4 map pack and the ensuing Xbox Live chaos. Reports began coming in that people were having difficulty doing just about anything on Xbox Live. While there’s no real evidence to blame the CoD4 DLC, it seems like the obvious conclusion for the poor conditions. A message on explained the conditions:


Since then, reports that things should be back to normal, and while I’m glad we aren’t dealing with week after week of poor Live performance, it begs the question: is this really what we’re paying for?

Evil Avatar member “fitbabits” has had enough and drafted an open letter to Microsoft, which you can read here. The underlying message, which fitbabits was kind enough to write in large, orange text, is, “It’s not good enough, Microsoft!” And I couldn’t agree more. While I stand by my assertion that Microsoft doesn’t owe subscribers anything because of the issues, that doesn’t change the fact that I can certainly understand why people might not renew that subscription or opt for a PS3 and its free online service when choosing a console to purchase.

It all makes me wonder how I put up with playing the original Unreal Tournament on a 56k connection.

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