Xbox Live Service Alert Issued For Xbox 360 and Xbox One

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Posted on July 31, 2014, Stew Shearer Xbox Live Service Alert Issued For Xbox 360 and Xbox One

Microsoft has a released an Xbox Live “service alert” for Xbox 360 and Xbox One describing a series of services currently offline.

The affected services currently listed include “accessing all game features,” video capture, joining online games, managing friends lists and “posting game performance or viewing the performance of other Xbox Live members.” A status update posted on the Xbox support page earlier today, in turn, provided more details about the specific nature of some of the problems in addition to assuring Xbox owners that Microsoft is working to resolve them.

“So you’re unable to post stats to leaderboards on your Xbox One Console, right? Well, rest assured that we are investigating the issue right now,” stated the company. “Additionally, if your Xbox 360 Console is getting stuck on a black screen when trying to launch games or apps, hang in there! We are working toward a fix for this too. Thanks for your patience during this time. We’ll provide an update for you as soon as we can.”

Outside of this update, no information has emerged as to the exact nature of the problem and whether or not there has been any progress made in fixing it. We’ve reached out to Microsoft for a comment.

UPDATE: Microsoft has responded to our query with the following statement:

“Xbox Live is experiencing temporary service interruptions with Xbox One and Xbox 360 social and gaming features. Our engineering teams are working quickly to fix the problem and we expect service to be back to full performance as soon as possible. We will update you as soon as Xbox Live is up and running and appreciate your patience as we work to get you back to your gaming and entertainment experiences. In the meantime, our apologies for the interruption.”


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