Xbox One Disc Drive, Loading Screen Issues Reported

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Posted on November 22, 2013, Mike Sharkey Xbox One Disc Drive, Loading Screen Issues Reported

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The case of the busted Xbox One disc drive is afoot!

Microsoft’s new console is making its way into the world today, and some early adopters are reporting their disc drives aren’t working. Insert a disc and the result is an error message on screen and a sound that makes it seem like the Xbox One is attempting to eat your game. Here’s a video documenting the issue by YouTuber Bernhard Schuller:

Major launch hardware problem? Minor issue based on user error? Somewhere in between? Those are the unanswered questions, and for now at least, Microsoft Xbox One Support’s only troubleshooting for the problem is to clean your disc, make sure it’s smudge free, and try again. If a second disc has the same result, MS says your Xbox One may need service and you should visit the Xbox Online Service Center.

It’s also important to note the Xbox One, unlike the Xbox 360, must be laid horizontally. Microsoft warns that the Xbox One’s disc drive was not designed to secure discs in the vertical position, and owners do so “at your own risk.” So if your disc drive isn’t working and your Xbox One is standing up, you’ve likely just solved your problem.

The second issue being reported is the green Xbox One logo screen freezing after updating. Microsoft notes that your console is not broken, it is simply applying all of the changes the update brought and it takes time. Unfortunately, there is no “please wait” or “do not turn off your console” message on screen while this lengthy process happens, and a number of users are restarting. That’s bad. Very bad. It’s the restart mid-update that could actually damage your Xbox One, so be patient and the Xbox One logo screen will eventually give way to the home screen.

For now, like Sony’s PlayStation 4 blue pulse of pain launch issue, these appear to be minor problems impacting a very small percentage of Xbox One users. We’ll be monitoring the story throughout the day and will be sure to bring you an update if the issues escalate.

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