Xbox One Feature Detailed: EA Sports Ignite Integration

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Posted on May 21, 2013, Ian Miles Cheong Xbox One Feature Detailed: EA Sports Ignite Integration

EA Sports is creating a brand new engine called EA Sports Ignite. According to Executive Vice President and Head of EA Sports, the new engine “defines sports at the highest level.”

Wilson made the announcement at today’s Xbox One event, where he talked about the capabilities of the engine, which is set to grace all of the next generation sports games bound for next-gen platforms, including FIFA 14 and the next Madden NFL.

Wilson stated that the new engine makes full use of the Xbox One’s hardware capabilities, and offers up to four times more calculations per second than any existing system. This allows the engine to give players a sense of spatial ability, with a greater field of vision and the means to make “smart decisions” that take into account context, anticipation, and awareness.

“Through years of investment and innovation, we have built technology across EA Sports to create a game engine that will deliver stunning accuracy, realism and experiences that we previously could only dream about,” said Andrew Wilson. “With EA Sports Ignite and the power of next generation consoles, our games will come alive—with more authenticity, more emotion, more connectivity, and more fun.”

Stripping out Wilson’s marketing speak, this essentially means that the the games will sport much better AI with almost “humanlike intelligence”—at least with regards to the sports they’re in. For example, we’re informed by EA that in FIFA 14, a player’s sense of urgency increases as the match draws on and a goal is needed, rushing to take a free kick, corner, or goal-kick if time is running down.

In addition to the better AI, these games will all offer what EA Sports refers to as “true player motion”, or realistic kinematics and biomechanics of every athlete. The Xbox One is capable of offering 10 times more animation depth and detail than previous consoles, and thousands of new sport-specific animations to drive new locomotion systems. Players now plant, pivot and cut, quickly change speeds, and shift momentum all throughout.

Players aren’t the only ones who will be getting an upgrade in these new games, as the audience itself will be given a life of their own instead of behaving like the cardboard-like cutouts they are in the existing games. Effectively, sidelines will be dynamic as crowds cheer on their teams.

Finally, EA Sports Ignite will offer a new stream of content to players via Xbox Live. Interestingly, the publisher plans to offer exclusive content for the Xbox One to the most popular sports game in the world, FIFA 14. This content will come in the form of updates for FIFA 14′s Ultimate Team mode.

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