Xbox One Hard Drive Full at 362GBs

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Posted on December 10, 2013, Mike Sharkey Xbox One Hard Drive Full at 362GBs

In our review of Microsoft’s Xbox One, we noted a number of frustrating omissions, including issues with hard drive management. Namely: you can’t see how much space is left on the console’s 500GB HDD.

Microsoft told Game Informer it left out the ability to see hard drive space because it doesn’t want owners to worry about “limitations” and that storage management was designed to be “automatic.”

Well, sorry Microsoft, but the Xbox One’s HDD storage is limited to, as IGN discovered, 362GBs or roughly 20 games and a handful of apps, and when you hit the cap, you must manually uninstall items, it’s not automatic. See IGN’s video on the topic below:

To be clear, the PlayStation 4 also features a 500GB HDD and can store roughly the same number of games and apps. However, you can more easily manage your HDD on the PlayStation 4 because it allows you to see how much space remains.

Along with the inability to see how much life is left in your controller battery, this is another no-brainer that Microsoft should add immediately via an Xbox One patch.

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