Xbox Ultimate Will Crush All You Puny Mortals!

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Posted on January 4, 2008, Steve Xbox Ultimate Will Crush All You Puny Mortals!

8ball says better not tell you now

Yes, I believe someone over at Stuff.tv may have been hitting the eggnog (or booze, if you will) a little too hard on New Years Eve. Or perhaps they actually have a magic 8-ball that is correct 100% of the time (mine always gives me the run around).

Regardless, this is probably just another case of gaming news editor having too much fun at speculation. Said correspondent is predicting (without even mention of a crystal ball) a forthcoming Xbox 360 SKU in the fall, aptly dubbed ‘Xbox Ultimate’, that boasts (gee!) specs that “maul” the PS3. Here’s what an Ultimate Xbox package/wish-list will entail:

  • 1080p HDMI output
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Hi-def audio output
  • Cooler 65nm hardware architecture
  • Near-silent fan
  • Full IPTV service
  • 320GB hard disk
  • Built-in HD DVD drive

Now you’re fighting with Real Ultimate Power!

The only thing that could make my day better is for some arbitrary gaming site to announce a new $100 PS3 SKU powered by a Mr. Fusion. Because we all know the only thing that can produce 1.21 gigawatts of pure ultimate power are a bolt of lightning and… dum-dum-dum…. a PS3.

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