XCOM 2 Co-Op mod now in beta

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 9 months ago

Team Dragonpunk have announced at PAX Aus the release of their "Tactical Co-Op" mod for XCOM 2, allowing players to play through the game in co-operative multiplayer for the first time, although the experience is not quite ready yet.

Don't get me wrong, this is a solid showing for a beta, but there's a multitude of hoops for you to jump through to get this to work. Naturally, both players have to have the mod installed. Both players then have to load into a non-critical save-game, go the Squad Select screen, then invite the other player. Doing it any other way causes the game to crash, currently.

The person hosting the game then loads a mission and sets up their team, then removes one of the soldiers. A new button then appears named "invite friend", which allows you to use the Steam invite interface. Don't add the last soldier back, though, or again, the game crashes - the person who joins the co-op game then has to select the last soldier for you.

Once you've jumped through these hoops, the co-operative gameplay itself is also somewhat hit-and-miss currently, with de-syncing often lasting from a few seconds to several minutes, with actions taken by one player often not experienced by the other until it's far too late.

But when this works, though, it's a great co-op experience, and a wonder why the game never had such a mode to begin with. These faults, however, are expected from a beta version of a game, and not a criticism at all,  but do bare them in mind if you decide to try this out.

If you don't fancy trying it out for yourself, the above trailer shows off the experience quite nicely.

The author promises that support will be coming in a future update for up to 12 players to join each other in a co-op game, which sounds like utter madness, but certainly having a team of several players does sound like great fun.

You can check the mod out over on it's Steam page.

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