XCOM: Enemy Unknown Walkthrough

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Posted on October 5, 2012, GameFront Staff XCOM: Enemy Unknown Walkthrough

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Aliens have landed on Earth in XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and here on Game Front’s walkthrough we’ll teach you to send them back to whatever planet they came from. Enemy Unknown takes off where the classic XCOM series ended, going back to its turn-based strategy roots to provide a deceptively simple game with layers of complexity.

Build your team of alien-fighters ands end them out on missions where many will almost certainly die. Here, we’ll teach you how to build your base, give tips on constructing your team, and provide strategies to counter whatever the alien menace can throw at you.

Get more intel on the horrors from outer space with our XCOM cheats, where you can find any extra articles we dig up for this strategy title. If you’re more into the X-box 360 or Playstation 3, check out the achievement and trophy lists.

XCOM First Look with James from Game Front’s Video Walkthroughs on Youtube

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