XCOM: Enemy Unkown DLC Has Players Recruiting a Triad

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Posted on November 30, 2012, Phil Hornshaw XCOM: Enemy Unkown DLC Has Players Recruiting a Triad

A new mission DLC pack is coming to XCOM: Enemy Unknown on Dec. 6, and it’ll have players going to China for three additional Council missions.

The missions are a sort of small narrative inside the greater XCOM framework, in which players have to find and rescue a former Triad gangster who wants to give new technology to the XCOM project. The first mission is about Zhang, the former Triad; the second has players working in a Chinese train station; and the third takes place in a huge, in-flight alien ship.

It sounds like the DLC will last a total of about 2.5 hours, although you won’t play it all in one long stint — instead, it’ll show up as a series of Council missions, which means they’ll come up at intervals as you’re playing the game through normally (although all three missions will be presented in order). The DLC also will include new headgear for customization, but none of the new maps will be available in multiplayer.

Expect the DLC, titled “Slingshot,” to cost about $6, or 560 Microsoft Points.

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