Yager Reveals Dreadnought in Fighter-Crushing E3 Trailer

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Posted on June 10, 2014, Ron Whitaker Yager Reveals Dreadnought in Fighter-Crushing E3 Trailer

Yager isn’t just announcing Dead Island 2 at this year’s E3 – they’ve got an “aerial armada combat game” called Dreadnought as well.

In the brief trailer above, you get a good sense of just why they titled the game “Dreadnought,” as an enormous flagship crushes 3 small fighters as it comes out of what looks to be a hyperspace jump. According to the press release, players will take control of these massive ships, including choosing how to allocate power to various systems and customizing the ship’s weapons, engines, armor, and abilities. You’ll also need to assign your crew, and even decide what your ship will look like.

Tony Medrano, Creative Director at Grey Box, the independent publisher handling the game, described it as,

“We all have that dream of sitting in the Captain’s Chair. Tony Medrano, Creative Director at Grey Box. It’s an awesome feeling to control something so huge and powerful, and that feeling is present in Dreadnought. Our goal is to nurture that feeling at all costs by working with players to fulfill the creation of their dream armada. With the game announced, that feedback starts now. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

Dreadnought is set to enter public testing in early 2015. Until then, you can practice by yelling at your co-workers to divert power to the forward shields and see if they respond.

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