Yahoo Lists Six Films That Would Make Great Games

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Posted on June 7, 2008, Stephany Yahoo Lists Six Films That Would Make Great Games


We have touched on the topic of what movies would make great games before here at Gaming Today, and so have other sites I am sure. However today, I came across this interesting post on Yahoo where Ben Silverman lists six films that he feels would make great games and lists ones that get as close to his choice as possible. I have listed the flicks below along with my two cents on each choice, which I just know that all of you are looking forward to more than anything else.

  • Children of Men: While I agree 100% that Alfonso Cuaron’s awesome sci-fi novel would make a great game, I would prefer that it would be based off the book instead of the boring movie. Yes, Clive Owen made it very watchable because he is indeed the stuff women’s fantasies are made of (and not a bad actor either) – but the film was just dry and lacking in every way shape or form. The movie just did not draw you in emotionally to the plight of humanity nor did you care what happened to the characters. Unlike the book, this movie was as dry as burnt toast.

Closest Match: Half-Life 2

  • 28 Days/Weeks Later: Silverman calling the Resident Evil games nothing more than titles filled with brain dead zombies from the “Thriller” video is just a testament to the fact that he has either: a) not played one of these titles since the first in the franchise, or b) has never played one at all. To suggest that either of the 28 days films would give a bit of intelligence to the zombie game market is a bit of a stretch because the zombie theme has been done to death – which is probably one of the reasons that the Capcom is moving away from it with the more recent RE games. Gamers are a fickle bunch when it comes to the RE series -on the one hand they complain that they are sick of zombies, and then when Capcom decides to release another RE4-type game a la RE5 – they complain that they need to get back to zombies. So which is it do you want? Make up your minds!! If I were to make a game based on a “zombie” movie I would have to pick “Shaun of the Dead” like one of our previous writers, William, suggested. Not only would it be an “intelligent” choice like Silverman suggests we need, but it would also bring in some much needed fresh-air to the whole zombie genre.

Closest Match: Left 4 Dead (slated for a November release)

  • Kill Bill Vol 1-2: This movie being made into a videogame was mentioned in a previous post but for the life of me I cannot find it. I agree though, it would make a fun game.

Closest Match: WET (slated for a December release)

  • Master and Commander: Far Side of the World:- Not sure if a gritty, realistic and scurvy laden flick (although a great novel) would be such a huge hit. Maybe if it were an RTS title yes, but as an adventure game – personally I do not think so.

Closest Match: Sid Meier’s Pirates!

  • Memento: I am still confused over this movie and playing a videogame based on it would just make my brain implode. Ok, I jest. I liked the movie, it was interesting and very ambitious but I am not sure how a game based on leaving yourself notes and tattooing clues on your body would go over with gamers under the age of 30.

Closest Match: Indigo Prophecy

  • Seven Samurai: No kidding. Akira Kurosawa’s 1954 film was a masterpiece of epic proportions. It would make a fabulous game, and might actually bring life back to games that feature the true samurai not the over the top comical ones like we see in games today.
  • Closest Match: Dynasty Warriors 6 (which was very meh in my opinion)

To view the list in its original form and get Silverman’s opinion on it, just click through the link below.

Via: Yahoo Games

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