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Yakuza 4 Walkthrough

By GameFront.com 12 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

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Posted on March 11, 2011, Kevin Thielenhaus Yakuza 4 Walkthrough

For the fourth game running, Yakuza 4 puts you in the designer shoes of Kazuma Kiryu, a veteran criminal who is back on the streets of Kamurocho after a stint running an orphanage in Yakuza 3. As in the other games, the player will guide Kiryu through a complicated plot, full of intrigue, and also engage in a number of mini-games and side missions related to the challenges of operating in the fictionalized red light district of a major Japanese urban area.

This walkthrough will help you succeed, and ensure that you don’t end up in a back alley with a bullet in your brainpan. Check back on release day for the first installments. We’ve also got a pages with trophies and cheats (pieces of useful information about Yakuza 4).

Table of Contents

Part 1: Shun Akiyama

Chapter 1: The Mysterious Loan Shark

  1. Enjoy the opening cutscene, you’ll get to the action soon.
  2. It’s collection day. Go to the Hotel District.
  3. A mysterious old man will stop you on the street. You’ll get a tutorial memo. Talk to the many bystanders on the street with glowing triangles above their heads, they’ll provide some gameplay tips.
  4. Entering Theater Avenue, you’ll be accosted by some punks. Time for your first battle.
  5. FIGHT: This first fight serves as a combat tutorial. First, you’ll be challenged to execute ten hits. String together combos by hitting “Square” in quick succession.
  6. Next, you’ll be challenged to follow up light combos with a heavy attack. Experiment, try hitting “Square” once, twice, or three times followed by “Triangle”.
  7. You’ll learn to grab next. “Circle” is the grab, to finish the challenge quickly, follow up a grab with “Square” for a light attack combo.
  8. With all the challenges finished, just beat these enemies down. Experiment, and practice your moves. They won’t put up much of a fight, so have fun.
  9. Once the fight is over, check your map or follow the minimap to your waypoint.
  10. On the way you’ll run into Kamiyama. He runs a weapon store in the northeast corner of the map. Take his catalogue and continue.
  11. You may notice citizens with blue triangles over their heads instead of the usual green. Blue triangles indicate that the citizen has a memo, try to seek these people out, your reward for talking to them is 500 experience points.
  12. Near the convenience store, you’ll trigger a text crawl and a cutscene.
  13. Trouble is brewing at Club Elnard. Head straight forward and take the first left turn, following your waypoint. It’s nearby, but prepare for another tutorial.
  14. At the turn you’ll face the street punks again.
FIGHT: These street thugs are a little tougher than the last. You’ll also learn some new moves. Hold down “R1″ to enter the Fight Stance. Just hold onto that stance and move around, you’ll lock onto the nearest enemy and complete your challenge. Next you’ll learn to guard. Hold “L1″ to guard, either approach an enemy or let them approach you. Just guard when they rear back to attack. Guarding is useful, but be aware that your guard can be broken by more powerful enemies later on. The third challenge is quickstep. Enter your fight stance and press “X” to quickly dash in whatever direction you’re moving. This is very useful for circling enemies, escaping attacks, or just evading crowds of enemies. The last challenge is to build up your HEAT Gauge. You build HEAT by attacking enemies, and you lose it when you take damage. String together a series of light combos, or grab a weapon, to gain HEAT quickly. Weapons are usually strewn around the periphery of the combat area. Check sidewalks, some of the most common weapons are street signs and bikes. When your HEAT Gauge is full, you can pull off special moves called HEAT actions. Either grapple with an enemy and drag them towards a wall, or grab a weapon and approach an enemy. A “Triangle” prompt will appear in the upper right corner of the screen. Press it to execute a powerful special move. You’ll learn more HEAT actions as the game continues, with various requirements to fulfill to pull them off. Keep checking your list of abilities, as you’ll learn new methods to unlocking HEAT actions. Finally, simply beat these thugs down. If you’re having trouble, don’t get surrounded and pick on enemies further away from the group. Weapons can also be very helpful when controlling crowds of bad guys. Continue down the street once the punks are taken care of. Follow the waypoint towards the club, you’ll talk to the staff before hitting a cutscene. FIGHT: Your first boss. Luckily, there are plenty of tables and chairs around the area. Grab them, you’ll be able to fight from a distance. Ihara can be challenging, he’ll build up HEAT just like you. When he glows red, look out for his attacks – they’ll break your guard and stagger you. Dodge instead when you can and attack from behind. Halfway through the battle, Ihara will hit you with a HEAT action. Follow the onscreen prompts to counter it, build up your own HEAT gauge, and unleash a powerful attack on him. A health item sits in a corner directly behind Ihara as the battle begins. Grab it and use it if you need to. A short conversation follows the cutscene. Just leave the club when you’re ready. You’ll get a call, so immediately rush back to Sky Finance. There’s nothing stopping you, just run. Once you’re down the alleyway, you’ll get a cutscene to end the first chapter.

Chapter 2: The One

  1. After the introduction, you’ll start on the southern edge of the map.
  2. Follow along the edge until you reach Tenkaichi St. if you want to avoid a lot of random fights. The best way to avoid random fights is to keep an eye out for thugs standing on street corners. Alleyways are another option. Walking around instead of running can also avoid drawing enemy attention, but you’ve got places to be. Random fights are never too difficult, and you’ll always be rewarded with money or items.
  3. At this point in the game, you’ll start to have more freedom to explore.
  4. Remember, exploring, talking to people, and playing minigames can offer many special or unexpected rewards.
  5. Around the city you might notice small glowing lights. These are locker keys, opening lockers located throughout the city. If they’re on the ground, approach and interact with “X”. If they’re up high or out of reach, press “R3″ to enter first-person mode, center on the light, and interact with “X”. Be on the lookout, while none of these keys are required to finish the game, they can provide some extra goodies.
  6. Take this time to open your menu and check out the abilities menu. Here you can purchase new skills and combat techniques. Buy whichever sounds good to you, none are essential, it is only essential that you continue to unlock skills as you gain levels. One of the most useful abilities is the combo speed boost, every character has access to it, so pick it up when you can.
  7. Head back to Sky Finance to meet a mysterious new client.
  8. After a cutscene, some text, and another cutscene, Akiyama (You) will decide to take a stroll. You now have access to a safehouse, where you can save, heal up, or get some background from previous Yakuza games.
  9. TROPHY: History Buff. Get this bronze trophy for watching all the Reminiscences from Yakuza to Yakuza 3. If you aren’t familiar with Yakuza, watching these will help you understand the plot. If you are familiar with Yakuza, it still helps to get a refresher course on these complicated plots.
  10. Before leaving the alley you’ll get another call from Kido. He’ll want to meet ontop of the red building in Theater Square. Follow your waypoint to find him.
  11. Heading north, you’ll get a call from Hana. Another customer has arrived at Sky Finance. This is an optional substory, either return to Sky Finance to talk with the customer, or continue the story by meeting Kido.
  12. In Theater Square, look on your minimap for an “S” symbol. The “S” indicates a save point, where you can also move items to your safehouse storage if you’ve got too many. It’s important to always carry a few health items and a weapon or two.
  13. Interact with the stairs inside the red building. After a cutscene you’ll be attacked by Yakuza hitmen.
FIGHT: Right away, be wary of their numerical advantage. Don’t let them surround you or you’ll take damage. Pick on the outside of the group. Notice that two of the goons are equipped with weapons. Target them with HEAT actions if you can. One unique HEAT action on the roof – grapple an enemy and drag them towards the railings. Use your HEAT action to toss him over the side for an instant kill. After the fight, the Police will surround and give chase. You’ll enter into a chase sequence. CHASE: Run from the cops! You’ll be on the rooftops, follow the red line and keep moving. If the cops catch up, you have two options; press “Triangle” for a special escape, or hammer “X”, depleting a portion of your Chase Gauge. Think of the Chase Gauge as your stamina, as you run it will slowly deplete. Follow the red line. Execute quickturns by tilting left or right while holding “R1″. This is a tricky move, but can be very useful at taking sharp corners. After crossing two bridges, you’ll get a quick-time event (QTE). Press the correct button while leaping to keep your momentum, otherwise you’ll temporarily slow down. Continue on the track until the glowing red line turns green. Then you’re safe. After the chase, you’ll get a cutscene and another chance to save.

Chapter 3: Trouble in the Tojo Clan

  1. Back in Theater Square. Enjoy yourself, buy some food or weapons, and return to Sky Finance.
  2. Just kidding! Just as you move, you’ll enter into a text conversation with some punks. Provide them with a beat down.
FIGHT: These two aren’t anything special. They’re more aggressive than the enemies you’ve been fighting so far. Otherwise, give them the royal smackdown they clearly deserve. While talking to a military man, Akiyama will be pickpocketed. Chase after the perpetrator. CHASE: Instead of running, you’ll be chasing after someone. The goal here is to deplete your enemy’s Chase Gauge before your’s runs dry. Do this by either pressing “Square” to ram them at close range, or “Circle” by throwing bottles. As you run, you’ll receive a short tutorial on how chases work. This chase isn’t particularly difficult. Wait for the pickpocketer to slow down when he’s tired to charge attack him. As you circle the area, you’ll come across a set of blue trash recepticles. Hop over them with “X” to gain on the pickpocket. Back on the red building’s roof, you’ll get a chance to talk with the trainer. During the conversation, you’ll unlock Dash Kick. Now you’re free to go. The trainer will be waiting on the roof, talk to him for some extra training whenever you want. Trainers, for every character, provide challenges that provide unique bonuses when finished. You’ll learn new moves, increase your strength or defense, and unlock new substories by completing Trainer challenges. Follow your waypoint to return to the ground floor of the city. When you’re ready, head back to Sky Finance. At Sky Finance, you’ll get some more plot. After that, Lily will return. Now it’s time to go out on the town. Your first job is to buy a dress and accessories for Lily. There are a mess of waypoints on your map, but really there’s only two locations you need to go. Le Marche, an accessory store, and Milestone. Milestone is a dress shop located in the underground mall. Find Le Marche and the underground mall entrance on Showa St. on the southern edge of the city. Go for Milestone first, the underground mall entrance is the closest. You’ll have two options for dresses, both are free. Pick whichever and get back to the surface. At Le Marche, you’ll have two options again. Both are free, so pick whichever you prefer. Akiyama will send Lily off to finish preparing. Screw around or head straight for club Elise. Follow the waypoint, the club is near the city center, just across from Millennium Tower. Get to know Millennium Tower, most of the plot centers around this place. Use the elevator to get into the Hostess Club. Time for a minigame. For now, change Lily into the clothes and accessories you bought her. Some stats and other oddities will appear on screen. Don’t worry, you won’t have to participate in the minigame yet. You’ll learn more about Hostess Clubs and how to run them later. For now, just enjoy the cutscenes. Now return to Theater Square to meet Lily after her shift. Go there or fool around the city. After a conversation, lead Lily to the Champion District – right to the waypoint. Don’t worry if she’s actually following you, she’ll warp to your position once you’re at the waypoint. Following the cutscene, Yakuza hitmen will attack. FIGHT: The front-most hitman has a sword, the best way to take care of him is by rushing by and attacking the hitman armed with a gun. Focus on the gun-wielding hitman first. When he’s down, pick up his Crude Pistol and open fire on the other hitmen by pressing “Triangle” while in a fight stance. Using the Crude Pistol, you should be able to take out another one or two enemies. Clean up the rest. Read the following conversation to end the chapter.

Chapter 4: The Promise

  1. Now it’s time to head to Elise and start micromanaging the club. There are several steps to take, just take it one step at a time and try to learn the basics. You don’t need to do well here to continue the story.
  2. As you approach Elise, you’ll enter a conversation with a shady man. This is another optional substory, follow it if you want, or walk into Elise to continue the story.
  3. Inside Elise, you’ll start the Hostess Trainer minigame. You’ll be allotted 100,000 yen to fund the training. First, let’s discuss the minigame and figure out what the goal is.
MINIGAME: Right now, your goal is making Lily appealing to customers as a Hostess. A Hostess spends time with customers, and hopefully convinces them to purchase drinks and spend money at the club. By being more appealing, more customers will request to spend time and money on her. That’s the idea, at least. Hostess Clubs are like stripclubs, except the strippers hang out with you instead of taking their clothes off. There are several options to changing Lily’s look. Most of these can be ignored for now, customers this evening want someone conservatively dressed. That means, just have her wear one of the evening gowns and necklaces previously purchased. Next, you’ll need to make your way around the club to listen to customer comments. Comments appear as speech bubbles with suggestions of what they want to see. If Lily is popular, she’ll be sitting with someone in the center of the club. If she isn’t, she’ll be sitting alone at the bar. To make her look conservative, don’t give her make-up or a lowcut dress. After walking around the bar, you’ll be prompted to return to the dressing room. You’ll have the option to change Lily’s clothes or check her stats. Don’t do either, just return to the customers. Make your rounds a second and third time to finish the minigame, nothing else is required for now. Don’t worry, this will all make sense eventually. When you’re finished, Akiyama will comment that he needs to see the owner of a bar called Marimba in the Champion District. Follow your waypoint and lookout for street punks. No one’s at Marimba, but another bar, Drama Queen is open. Investigating inside, you’ll find the manager’s corpse in the back room. Check around for clues if you’re interested, or just leave the crime scene. It’s time to return to Sky Finance. You’ll get a cutscene. Time to hunt down the Yakuza thugs that turned the office over. Your first lead is a cheerful foreigner named Mack. Mack will teach you about “Revelations”. Anytime you see something strange going down around the city, take a picture by pressing “R3″, centering on the person, and interacting with “X”. You’ll enter a quick-time event, enter the correct buttons to succeed. Afterwards you’ll be asked to focus on one of three events in order to learn a new move. Your first revelation is right ahead. A girl is yelling on a rooftop just across from you. Take her picture to initiate the event. After the… strange event, choose your first option out of three to learn a new technique. Periodically, Mack will send you clues on where to find revelations. They can be very useful, so try to unlock them whenever you can. Take off towards the Theater District. Talk to the people around, they’ll point you towards a few Yakuza thugs hanging out infront of the “Tower Battle” sign. Talk to them to initiate a fight. FIGHT: Six thugs means you’re outnumbered. Dash or run away, circling the group until one separates from the horde. Pick on the outliers, or grab a weapon to help control the crowd. Otherwise, they aren’t armed. Look out for the fat guys, you can’t grapple with them. The street thugs will give you a clue. Follow the streets south to the lockers and take the path to continue under the theater. Follow the path down until you see some homeless men infront the set of escalators. Talk to them. You’ll get another clue. Head towards Millennium Tower, and find the waypoint around back leading to an elevator. Ride the elevator down. COMBAT AREA: The Underground is a dungeon-like area. Instead of fighting a single battle, you’ll seamlessly fight thugs as you continue deeper through the tunnels. That means you won’t get a chance to rest between fights. Once you enter the Millennium Tower Underground, follow the wall to your left until you reach an open passage. Take the stairs, continuing forward until you reach a doorway to your right. Enter the doorway to encounter a group of punks. Beat them up, and you’ll be prompted to smash a glowing blue door. Smash it open and follow the stairs up. As you enter the stairwell exit, you’ll be prompted to hit a button before a homeless man belts you in the head with a bottle. After a short conversation, the old man joins you. Enter the open doorway to the left to face off against more thugs. Defeat these four to enter into another room where you’ll fight another group. Use the homeless man to your advantage. He can’t be hurt, when he attacks he’ll draw attention away from you. Continue to brawl into the hallway. There are plenty of weapons laying around in the hall to use. Continue into the open doorway on the right side. Inside is another encounter, this time with one particularly tough goon in a purple tracksuit. Focus on his weaker friends to lessen the load in these tight quarters. One of his men wields a baseball bat. Take him out to get your hands on his weapon, then try its powerful HEAT action. Continue forward to reach a locked door. You’ll need to backtrack through the decrepit storefront, down the hallway, and through another decrepit storefront to find the locksmith. He’ll be hiding in a corner behind piled up boxes. Talk to him, and return to the locked door – fighting your way through a new combat encounter. Use the locked door to call the locksmith. He’ll unlock it for you. One the other side, you’ll run into Purple Tracksuit again with friends. You’ve handled them once before. At the end of the hallway, you’ll meet a fat man carrying a sofa. These enemies guard passages and will stand their ground. Attacks will not stagger them like other enemies. They simply absorb the hits and attack back. The best way to deal with these guys is carrying a weapon and hitting them with a HEAT action. Otherwise, you’ll need to pick at their health with quick attacks and quickstep before getting hit. Another option is throwing weapons at them, but this is only recommended for people with extreme patience. You’ll run into another locked door. This time there’s no backtracking, just interact with the door. Inside are two goons and another fat man wielding a sofa. Beat up both enemies, saving your HEAT for the fat man. Through another lock door, you’ll run into a mad scientist (!) and some thugs. The scientist and locksmith will hide, allowing you to go to town on the thugs. These enemies take a licking and keep on ticking. Wear them down, and be careful. When the room is cleared, you’ll continue forward alone to face down a boss. The mad scientist will come into play later in the game. Before using the door, grab the health item in the very next room. After a cutscene, you’ll face off against Midorikawa armed with a pistol. This part can be irritating, quickstep to the left or right to dodge his gunshots. If you’re hit, mash on “X” and dodge. Stay on the ground too long, and he’ll simply shoot you again. Rush him and sidestep his shots, you’re bound to take a few hits, but luckily his health is low. Don’t bother with weapons, they’re too slow for this section. Midorikawa retreats, and three bad guys enter the room. Use the desks to quickly dispatch them. Now, Midorikawa returns armed with a chainsaw. You’ll want to keep your distance now, just standing near him can do damage. Wait for him to charge or enter a combo animation, then quickstep around him and attack. The desks can be useful for hitting him from afar. Take your time, every one of his chainsaw attacks will floor you. Once you beat him down enough, he’ll perform a HEAT action. Follow the onscreen commands to deal the boss a finishing blow instead. With the boss defeated, you’ll get a cutscene and return back to the surface. Return to Sky Finance when you’re ready. Time to return to Elise and finish Hostess Training. It’s Lily’s last day, so more options will be available. MINIGAME: This time, you’ve gained the “Training” option. This is how you raise one of three stats; Appearance, Wit, and Conversation. During these three shifts, you only need to worry about raising Conversation. Under “Training”, choose “Conversation Tips”. This will raise her stress level. The higher the stress level, the less effective at her job she’ll be. Raise the stress level too high and she’ll get angry at guests. Another facet of this minigame is the Motivation Gauge. Increasing motivation increases work performance, increase the guage by changing around the hostess’ appearance and buying new pieces of clothing. None of this is required for now. Run Lily through all three shifts, only train her in conversation once. Training twice in a row will only increase stress. If her stress is too high, choose the “Training” option, and pick “Free time” to give her a break and relieve stress. Any extra effort put into this section is optional. Put as much work into it as you want. When you’re finished, head back to Sky Finance to get Lily’s results. After the dialogue, take the briefcase to Millennium Tower. Walk inside, run down an escalator to the bottom floor, and take an elevator to the roof. Enjoy another cutscene. Just as you leave Millennium Tower, you’ll get a phone call from Elise. Return to Elise for another substory or head back to Sky Finance to continue the main story. At Sky Finance, Hana will run away. Follow her onto the street to enter a chase sequence. Unlike other chase sequences, you really can’t fail here. Just follow Hana until she stops in a park. Try not to bump into too many people and you’ll be fine. After the conversation, you’ll get another call from Elise’s Manager. This time there’s trouble, some Yakuza thugs are menacing the place. Head over there. Prepare for a fight. Buy some healing items, such as meals from restuarants or health drinks from the drug store. Spend your experience points and save before entering Elise. FIGHT: This is the final boss battle for Part 1, it’s also the most difficult. Minami is fast, he can break your guard, and he’ll quickstep around your attacks. He’ll guard himself, and recover quickly if his guard is broken by a strong attack. Fight fire with fire, be faster than him. Rely less on your guard and more on quickstep, his combos propel him forward, making it easy to sidestep and perform a quick combo on his exposed back. Always finish your light combos with a final blow. If his guard is broken, don’t delay, quickly strike him with a series of light attacks. After taking some damage, Minami will begin to drink. He uses a form of kung-fu called Drunken Boxing, the more drunk he is, the better he fights. Immediately attack him when he pulls out a bottle. It increases his HEAT gauge, making him faster and more powerful. Minami can’t be grappled, so unlock a HEAT action that doesn’t require a weapon or a grapple to pull off. The ground HEAT action is very useful here. When Minami’s health bar is taken down one bar, he’ll unleash a HEAT action. Be prepared for it to inflict extra damage on the boss. Afterwards, Minami will glow purple. At this stage, he’s incredibly fast and powerful, his quickstep easily taking him far out of your reach, and able to attack in an instant from across the arena. Guard and dodge him if you’re having trouble, he’ll weaken over time and return to his normal level of fighting. Keep at it and you’ve won. TROPHY: Part 1 Clear. Enjoy your victory cutscene.

Part 2: Taiga Saejima

Chapter 1: Flight for the Truth

  1. Part 2 introduces a new character; Saejima. He’s a little different, you’ll learn more about him soon.
  2. After the cutscenes, you’ll face off against prison inmates in the cafeteria.
FIGHT: Saejima is a bruiser, he’s slow but powerful. Right away you’ll be introduced to his special fighting style, “Triangle” can be charged to produce powerhouse punches and kicks. Attack with light punches and follow through with a strong charge attack. Do it five times to finish the challenge. The inmates serve as practice. The prison chapter is filled with combat, so spend as much time as you need practicing and growing accustomed to his moves. Unlike Part 1, Part 2 begins with some difficult fights and no chance to stock up on items. You’ll get another healthy dose of story before reaching your next goal – finding a grappling hook in the prison yard. COMBAT AREA: Now you’ll have some freedom. First of all, talk to the chubby man standing near your save point. He’ll give you a rundown of what he needs to construct a grappling hook. First, you’ll need a chain. To find the chain, run down to the three inmates standing around a weight set. Talk to the flanking inmates, and then talk to the center inmate. You’ll get into a fight. These three aren’t anything special. The only wrinkle is that you need to defeat them quickly before guards respond to the violence. Use your charge attack to smash through their block and you’ll have time to spare. Return to the save point and talk with the weapon modder. He’ll take the chain and ask for a farm tool. Run back to the bleachers, two men are talking not so far away about farming duty. Talk to one of them, and then talk to his friend. He’ll ask for a cigarette before giving up his farm tool. To find a cigarette, talk to the smoking man behind the basketball hoop. Ask him to bum a cigarette, and return to the farmer inmate. He’ll want a light. To find the lighter, you’ll need to cross the grounds and speak with a guard south of the save point. He’ll let you into a concrete exterior area. Turn left until you reach a dead end. Interact with the glowing object on the ground. You’ve got your lighter. Return the lighter the farmer inmate, which starts another fight. These inmates are a pushover, finish them off and take the tool to the weapon modder. He’ll create a grappling hook. Talk with Hamazaki on the bleachers, he’ll instruct you to hide the grappling hook. Follow the waypoint southeast and interact with the manhole. When the chain and grappling hook are hidden, you’ll get another cutscene. COMBAT AREA: This is when the chapter gets tricky. Five guards, several with batons, and the center guard is Saito. Immediately turn around and you’ll see a glowing health item, make sure to grab it before defeating all five guards. Saito is especially powerful, his combos and lunge attacks can hit from long range, and at this point Saejima won’t have access to all his moves – like improved quickstep or ground recovery. Keep your distance from Saito and clean up the weaker guards first. With all the guards down, interact with the fallen Saito to take his key. Deeper inside the prison you’ll get the goal to reach the Director’s Office where you’ll meet Hamazaki. Three guards are standing in your way. They’re tougher than inmates, just look out because they’re armed. The wooden sword is useful, but it’s also very slow. If you plan on using it, give yourself plenty of room to wind up your swings. Also note that these back rooms contain fire extinguishers, which are very quick weapons. Pick up the healing item before continuing down the hall once the guards are beaten. You’ll run into another quick time event. Press the correct button or take some damage. Before continuing up the stairs, turn left to take a health item. Up the stairwell, you’ll face another closing prison door. Across it is a second fight with Saito, this time he’s alone. He has all the same moves; you just have less space to move around. He’ll glow red when his pulls off powerful attacks, keep your distance and peck at him, his baton will blast through your block. Take the extinguisher in the corner for some extra damage. Saito will also attempt to grab you, it’s very difficult to escape his grabs at this point, so just try not to stand too close for too long. Like all bosses, it’s safe to wait for him to attack then counterattack from behind. When his health is low enough, he’ll try to hit you with a HEAT action that you can counter. Follow the onscreen instructions and you’ll finish him off. Take his keycard, and use it on the keycard reader near the wooden doors. Follow the hall down until you reach the Warden’s Office. When you reach the office, two more guards will attack. Beat them up, and you’ll be able to continue the escape. You’ll find another health item to the left of the stairwell. Follow the stairs to the roof, where you’ll come face to laser with a sniper. The sniper’s laser sight glows green as it hones in on you. The laser will turn red the longer it lingers over you until firing. Run or quickstep out of the laser’s trajectory as it begins to change colors to avoid being shot. Smash the destructible doors up ahead, dodge away from the laser and don’t stand still too long. Continue forward towards a large stack of crates. Stand behind it, using it as cover as you fight the three guards ambushing you. Once they’re clear, zigzag forward and turn left where a single guard is waiting for you. Look out; he throws flashbangs – special grenades that stun you if they go off. While stunned, the sniper will has plenty of time to shoot, so try to avoid the grenade’s blast. Beat the guard. Now there are two sets of doors here. The left doors lead to a health item, and the right doors lead forward. Once you’re busted through the right doors, you’ll face a swarm of guards with little cover and a grenade thrower in the mix. To get rid of the sniper, just run by the group towards the next destructible door. Now that the sniper is gone, try to take care of the grenade thrower and clear out the guards in relative safety. Meeting up with Hamazaki again, follow the stairs down into another room. You’ll face off against a swarm of guards. Grab any weapons you can find and let Hamazaki draw some of the guards off of you. When they’re finished, interact with a door up ahead to enter the prison yard. In the prison yard, simply rush for the manhole concealing your grappling hook. After a cutscene, you’re against another swarm of guards with Saito in the mix. Saito is just as difficult as before, and one of the guards is armed with a Crude Pistol. Target the pistol guard first. Luckily the guards with Saito are fairly weak despite being armed with various weapons. Saito will most likely be your last target. Go all out on him, now that you have more room to move, roll around to his back and hit him hard with charge attacks. One charge attack will cause him to stagger, take advantage of it with a light combo. Put Saito on the defensive to more easily handle him. During this fight, try to save your healing items for Chapter 2. If you’re low on health, don’t worry, you’ll have full health at the beginning of Chapter 2. Now that the boss is defeated, you’ve fini

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