Yakuza: Like a Dragon could be heading to Steam

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

SEGA has committed more and more to releasing titles to PC in recent years, but so far, conspicuous in its absence is the Yakuza series, with only Yakuza 0 currently available on Steam. It seems now that Yakuza: Like a Dragon could be about to join it, according to information released via SteamDB.

While not visible on Steam itself, the listing on SteamDB, which uses the steam API to track games, does confirm it exists in a pre-release form, at least. 

There's been no official word on a PC release, though, with the PlayStation 4, the only platform confirmed so far. As such, we don't know when - or indeed if - the game will release on the PC platform, but it seems inevitable given the evidence.

The game will be the seventh in the Yakuza series and will take a radically new direction, with turn-based combat mechanics and real-time elements, closer to an RPG game than an action beat-um-up.


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