Yaris Developer Closing Down

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Posted on April 10, 2008, Chris Yaris Developer Closing Down


Whenever a game studio closes, it’s rather upsetting. It’s likely you’ll never see sequels to the games they’ve made, but more importantly these are the lives of people being affected. But for some reason, I’ve got mixed feelings about the closing of Castaway Entertainment.

You see, Castaway is the company behind the atrocity on Xbox Live Arcade known as Yaris. Simply referring to it as the worst game on XBLA would be a gross understatement. Despite being free, I will never be able to rid it enough from my hard drive, my gamertag, and my mind. That game was so craptacular that it makes being stuck in traffic a more wholesome activity. It was so awful that I actually thought about typing that I would prefer watching Carlos Mencia’s show, but that would be downright silly. Nothing is that bad.

Yaris was the only game the studio ever released, although they worked on a number of other titles that never saw the light of day. The studio was originally formed by ex-Blizzard employees who had worked on the Diablo series, which is a revelation that simply rocks my mind. (Diablo 2 is perhaps my favorite game of all time, while Yaris is the exact antithesis.)

So, is this simply proof that karma exists, or is the recession putting the hurt on smaller developers? It’s obviously the latter, but it makes you wonder…

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