YES: Vagrant Story, Xenogears and More Coming to PSN

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Posted on January 3, 2011, Phil Hornshaw YES: Vagrant Story, Xenogears and More Coming to PSN

I knew there was a reason I shelled out for Playstation Plus.

IGN has picked up on ESRB ratings for a bunch of old PS1 titles, most of which are awesome Square Enix RPGs from back when I was in high school. Numbering among them are two of my favorite games ever — Vagrant Story and Xenogears — as well as a few other classics like Legend of Mana and Threads of Fate. All those titles date from between 1998 and 2000. IGN also pinged Arc the Lad III and R4 Ridge Racer Type 4 as being on the way.

While ESRB ratings are a pretty reliable way to see what’s coming down the pipe, this seems to pretty much confirm a U.S. release for Vagrant Story (hooray!), seeing as it’s already available on the Playstation Network in Japan and Europe. Xenogears is also getting a new orchestral CD release featuring 14 tracks from its soundtrack — maybe corresponding with the re-release of the game? HOPE SO.

Officially, nobody has confirmed the release of any of these games. Square Enix and Sony better not deny/cancel them, though, because I’ve wanted to play Vagrant Story ever since I got rid of my Playstation 2 and had Sony pull the rug out of backward compatibility with the PS3. We’ve been waiting, like, three years to catch up to Japan on at least Xenogears. Lets get it done, Square Enix.

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