Yet (not) Another Map Pack released for Civilization VI

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Published by Serio 2 years ago , last updated 10 months ago

Players familiar with the Civilization franchise may also be intimately familiar with the popular "Yet Another Maps Pack", which is a series of mods that contain numerous scripts and custom, handmade maps for you to play around on.

Naturally, in spite of its lukewarm reception, Civilization VI should not be robbed of its own YAMP. Author Gedemon and his team of hard working scripters and modders has been working on a brilliantly constructed map pack for the new entry to the Civilization franchise.

The "Yet (not) Another Map Pack" for Civilization VI contains three new map sizes, the largest of which is... well, quite big. It also allows you to set up games with more than fifty civilizations, converts a number of custom made maps from the previous entry to work with Civilization VI, and culturally links start locations across all maps.

But it's not entirely without a hitch. Gedemon warns that the "Giant" map size is way above the size of the largest map size the game usually allows, and that "Ludicrous" is the maximum map size the game will handle. He also notes that the latter may not even load, and that if you intend to use either Giant or Ludicrous, you should lower your texture options to free up VRAM for the game.

You can download the "Yet (not) Another Map Pack" from CivFanatics by clicking here.

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