Yikes! Diablo 3 Might Be Bleeding Players

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Posted on June 27, 2012, Ross Lincoln Yikes! Diablo 3 Might Be Bleeding Players

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Did the botched launch leave a bad taste in your mouth? Does the recent patch that blocks people from playing Diablo 3 for a significant period of time make you hulk smash? Is the auction house proving to be an unmitigated clusterfrak that allows people to buy victory making you unhappy? There’s a strong possibility that you’re not alone. Player usage data posted on Xfire shows a precipitous drop in the population on Diablo servers since May 26, from a high of approx. 140,000 to just over 40,000 players as of June 25. Here’s their chart:

We’ve recently reached out to Blizzard for an interview about several aspects of Diablo, and as it comes together we’ll definitely be asking about their user numbers. In the meantime, have you noticed a drop in players? Let us know in comments.

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