You Can Dance If You Want To In SWTOR, and It Might Save Your Life (VIDEO)

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Posted on January 4, 2012, Phil Hornshaw You Can Dance If You Want To In SWTOR, and It Might Save Your Life (VIDEO)

That tough Sith Lord you haven’t been able to defeat in Star Wars: The Old Republic because he keeps shellacking you with Force lightning? You might try appealing to him using the universal language of dance (it’s risky, though).

Apparently, until it gets patched, at least, players in SWTOR have discovered that dancing during battle interrupts enemies — even bosses. It seems to fully disrupt combat, and if you check out the video below, you can see just how effective it can be. Typing /getdown is all it takes to turn a losing battle into a winning one.

However, dance the night away at your own risk: According to a post on Reddit, BioWare is both aware of the exploit and hunting down dancers like it was John Lithgow in Footloose. That people are getting banned for dancing is unverified, but the Reddit post suggests that dancing anywhere outside of designated dance zones might be grounds for banning. I imagine BioWare isn’t taking such broad strokes with dances, but that rule would give it leeway to punt anybody who mesmerizes a boss with his or her gyrating hips.

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