You can finally play the canned Boba Fett Star Wars: 1313 game as a Starfield mod

By FileTrekker a month ago, last updated a month ago

There are a lot of Star Wars fans in the GameFront community, and when we reminisce over on our Discord server about the highs and lows of Star Wars video games, one sore spot is the cancelled Star Wars: 1313, a game that was due to feature Boba Fett as the main character, presumably as you went bounty-hunting across the galaxy.

Originally unveiled by LucasArts back at E3 2013, the game promised a gritty adventure through the underworld of Coruscant but never saw the light of day. Enter the Starfield modding community, which has naturally reignited that flickering flame, finally allowing players to don the iconic Mandalorian armour and explore the cosmos as Boba Fett.

Created by modder Crozzbow, the mod draws inspiration from the ill-fated 1313 project and incorporates meticulously crafted armour pieces, from the battle-worn helmet to the iconic jetpack and blaster. It also includes his side cape, long cape, and a custom hat, all of which are obtained by completing the Crimson Fleet quests.

It's pretty cool to see this cancelled project see the light of day, sorta, even if it is in an abstract form. The mod itself is drawing on a fantastic concept, though. I hope you're listening, Disney. We want more Boba in our video games.

You can grab the mod right now here.


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