You Can Gran Turismo Anywhere Starting in February

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Posted on January 17, 2011, Phil Owen You Can Gran Turismo Anywhere Starting in February

There’s a strange part of the Gran Turismo franchise that I’ve never been able to really enjoy; I’m talking, of course, about B-spec mode, in which you watch a computer driver on your team race, and you give him or her instructions like “drive faster,” “drive slower,” drive at the same speed.”

Even so, it’s a useful mode to have when you need to do something other than play video games even though you really, really need to earn some more GT bucks so you can get that sweet-ass whatever that drives fast. To make that even more convenient for you, the B-spec section of the GT5 website promises “Gran Turismo Anywhere,” which lets you run B-spec mode, yes, from anywhere. This feature does not yet exist, but Yamauchi-san tweeted last week that we can expect this feature to go live in early February. WOO.

Here’s the full description of this feature from the GT5 site:

Remote races can be started from the official website, where you can even monitor the progress and check results of the race.

While on the go or away from home, you can check race results, and even set and start new remote races. A whole new way to enjoy Gran Turismo is here.

*This feature enables the remote operation of “Gran Turismo 5″ from a web browser, and requires “Gran Turismo 5″ to be running on your “PlayStation 3,” set to the remote race screen in the game.
*Race progress is displayed via text only.

This is nice, and it would be nicer if I didn’t work from my couch six feet from my PS3 and can do this all day anyway, but oh well. Hopefully this will work on my phone, so I can do this when I go to the movies or at the bar. I assume doing this at the bar would make me irresistible to the ladies, because when they ask what I’m doing I can say I’m monitoring the Japanese racing team I own and of course they would believe me.

via Joystiq

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