You Can Send All Your PS3 Saved Games to the Cloud Tomorrow

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Posted on March 9, 2011, Phil Owen You Can Send All Your PS3 Saved Games to the Cloud Tomorrow

We’ve hard about this kind of thing before, but in that case it was only for one specific game. In a muscle-flexing move by Sony, they’re releasing a new firmware update tomorrow that’ll allow players to back their saved games up on Sony servers. Because Sony really, really wants your money (and because the storage space, like, costs money), though, you’ll have to subscribe to Playstation Plus in order to take advantage.

Members will be limited to 150mb of space and 1000 files, which likely won’t be a problem for anyone unless you have 300 Fallout 3 saves or something. You’ll only be able to download the data once every 24 hours, which, again, shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re running some sort of weird collaborative attempt to make it through Demon’s Souls. Oh yeah, you’ll be able to retrieve the data on any PS3 that has your ID on it, which also shouldn’t be a problem because if somebody steals your account info, it’s unlikely that they’re going to f–k with your saved games.

It should be noted that not every game’s saves will work with this, but every future game will be compatible.

In conclusion: this is cool, and it probably won’t result in a bunch of my data being corrupted and permanently lost as happened when I transferred my stuff from the 20gb 360 to the 250gb 360, because if you do have a problem, you can just try again.

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