You Can Stay In Your Elder Scrolls Online’s Campaigns Forever

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Posted on October 21, 2013, Phil Owen You Can Stay In Your Elder Scrolls Online’s Campaigns Forever

One of the hooks in The Elder Scrolls Online is the Alliance War. The game’s three factions will fight each other in large-scale open-world PvP in the central territory of Cyrodiil, and the outcomes — like who controls the Imperial City — are persistent until somebody else changes them by force. But everybody doesn’t fight everybody else playing, as the war is broken into instanced “campaigns.”

These campaigns will “reset” every three months, but all that means is that the leaderboards for each alliance will revert to zero, and so personal gains players have made over the months will be negated so that everyone will periodically have the chance to work their way up the ranks even over those who have been playing longer. Today in a Q&A on the official site, Bethesda explained how the reset works.

Whoever was Emperor before the reset, for one, will still hold that title. Once the campaign ends, players will not be forcibly moved to a different one; each character can stay in one campaign for as long as he or she exists, but can change if the player so chooses. Restrictions on having characters in different factions in a single campaign still apply.

There were some other, unrelated details given in the Q&A as well: Guilds that possess a keep will be able to set up a store, and any player from that guild’s faction will be able to purchase items from it; veteran rewards will likely be merely cosmetic items, but they’re considering making it so that your current gear will stat up to match better gear that you find if you like your look; you cannot otherwise stat up your gear the way you would your mount.

Full Q&A here.

If you’re behind on TESO news, be sure to check out the video for the game’s character creation, and also a gameplay demo.

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