You May Not Be Able To Play Wii U in the Bathroom

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Posted on June 13, 2011, Phil Owen You May Not Be Able To Play Wii U in the Bathroom

My first thought when I found out you can play Wii U without a TV: Will it work in the bathroom? The answer for me, assuming I’m still living in the same apartment when the Wii U is released, is yes, because my bathroom is pretty close to my living room. But since the Wii U controller streams content from the console, there will naturally be a limit to how far away you can be from console and still have the controller work.

Nintendo’s Kastuya Eguchi tells Kotaku that maybe your bathroom is too far away: The thought is you’ll be playing in the same room that the base console is in.

That’s not any sort of definitive answer in regards to how far away you can get before it stops working. Hold out hope that your place is small enough for it work in your bathroom, or if you’re rich enough to own a home in which the bathroom is too far away, just build a new bathroom closer to your living room. You can afford it.


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