Your First Look At Mass Effect 3′s From Ashes DLC Alternate Outfits

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Posted on March 2, 2012, Ross Lincoln Your First Look At Mass Effect 3′s From Ashes DLC Alternate Outfits

With mere days to go before the release of Mass Effect 3, tidbits are falling out right and left, almost as if BioWare wants this information leaked in order to stoke fervor for the game. But nah, that would be a cynical suggestion. Anyway, the latest to find its way into the collective gasp-o-verse is snapshot from someone’s computer monitor that shows off the alternate outfits your squad will get when you install the From Ashes DLC.

Pictured here: Tali, who looks just smashing in a black ensemble that screams “I want to retake my homeworld!”; Ashley Williams, doing her best Ripley impression; Garrus, whose gold outfit is appropriate for fighting the Reapers, and for celebrating afterward The Sands; James Vega, sporting a blue suit of armor that barely conceals his ‘roid rash; Kaiden, now with armor that forces him to lean crotch-first into the camera; and Liara, who does nothing to dispel the negative stereotype that Asari always look hot.

From Ashes DLC, has the crew of the Normandy finding, and reviving a Prothean preserved in stasis for more than 50,000 years, and also includes an all new mission set on Eden Prime. it’s available on launch date, free for those who have purchased the Mass Effect 3 special edition, 10 bucks for everyone else.

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