Your OK Halo Anniversary Pre-Order Bonuses

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Posted on July 18, 2011, Phil Owen Your OK Halo Anniversary Pre-Order Bonuses

Sometimes, pre-order bonuses are fun and cool, sometimes they’re more mundane and sometimes they’re less than mundane. This is somewhere between less than mundane and mundane, which I guess just means it’s less then mundane.

Anyway, if you pre-order Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, you get two things: Master Chief armor for your Xbox Live avatar (ugh) and a special skull that makes grunt blow up “like a plasma grenade” when you shoot them.

I guess it could be said that they’re trying to avoid something like that Battlefield 3 pre-order controversy by avoiding giving out a weapon like most games do, but come on. That’s not at all a cool bonus, unless you’re the type who loves collecting skulls, which I guess is many of the people who will pre-order the game. But since I don’t care about skulls, I will unilaterally declare skulls to be silly. Because I’m an ass.

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