Your Wii U Console Details (or lack thereof) and Gallery

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Posted on June 7, 2011, Phil Owen Your Wii U Console Details (or lack thereof) and Gallery

I told you about the controller and the hardcore games. Now I’m telling you about the actual console.

So there’s a reason it’s still using the Wii name, and it isn’t just for marketing purposes; the Wii U will, in addition to that wacky mega-controller, will make use of the same Wiimote and nunchuck you’ve been using for years. It can play Wii games, too. And it’ll be in HD. That there up above is a picture of it. OK, so we don’t really know much at all about this thing. God, Nintendo, you can make cool new things sometimes, but you sure are bad at, you know, telling us about them. When or if I get an actual spec sheet, I’ll post it. Ugh. Here are some images:

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