Yup, Half-Life 2 is officially half as old as I am

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Published by FileTrekker 3 years ago , last updated 3 years ago

Boy is this depressing. I hate reminders of my inevitable aging, and the acknowledgement that today, Half-Life 2 is 15 years old is, well, pretty troubling. It's half as old as I am, and it only feels like yesterday I was unwrapping the cellophane off that DVD case for Christmas 2004.

The thing that's remarkable though is just how well this game has held up over the years. Infact, I've been revisiting it recently as a game that runs quite well on my Surface Pro 6 machine, and honestly I'm still quite blown away by it. The water especially was super impressive for the time, as was the physics engine and just overall visual polish.

Okay, things like motion capture have come on a lot since then, but still, I find the visuals perfectly satisfying even now. Admittedly the engine has had some updates over the years, which has brought a handful of visual enhancements, but this does not detract from the fact at it's core, this was one stunning game.

Of course the community is going strong, too. The modding scene for the game is still alive and well, as you can see from our latest files section, we've had quite a few new files added for the game and it's expansions just in the last few weeks.

Will Valve be doing anything to celebrate this milestone? Eh, probably not.

Oh, and, not going to mention it. Nope.

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