Zboard Standard, Age of Conan Review

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Posted on June 25, 2008, Shawn Sines Zboard Standard, Age of Conan Review

Ideazon’s Zboard standard, gaming and Age of Conan models get a thorough review from MMORPG.

While the verdict on the standard Zboard is less than stellar, the gaming Zboard gets plenty of kudos. The board comes with over 50 key mapping templates for a wide variety of games including Battlefield 2142, Call of Duty 4, EverQuest II, City of Villains, World of Warcraft and Bioshock others (there are in total).

However, according to the reviewer, all those awesome looking Age of Conan Zboards are as good as you might hope. Many of the Conan specific keys for: Say, Shout, Tell, Reply, Follow, AFK, Invite, Kick, Auto Run and various emotes simply don’t function. As if that wasn’t enough to give it an unfavorable review MMORPG has one last shot to take at the AoC Zboard.

I also have to say that Ideazon really missed the boat with this keyboard. I was honestly surprised when I opened the set to find the right hand side inhabited by the invite, kick, inventory, etc. keys. It seemed like a no-brainer to me that an Age of Conan specific keyboard should capitalize on the game’s unique combat system. Instead of having those fairly secondary keys on the right hand side, the designers could have placed the specialized keys on the left hand side and incorporated movement and attacks into a more comfortable configuration than WASD and 12345 currently offer. Directional attacks at the very least should have been represented with specialized keys. They weren’t. Boo, hiss Ideazon, boo, hiss.



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