Zeno Clash 2 Walkthrough

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Posted on April 29, 2013, GameFront Staff Zeno Clash 2 Walkthrough

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Get help with the first-person brawler Zeno Clash 2 on the text and video walkthrough here. Below, we’ll reveal each challenge and provide combat tips to make every battle a cinch. Get step-by-step instructions for traversing the enlarged areas, complete with side-quest and hidden collectibles to discover. It’s a dangerous world out there, let’s take a walk through Zeno Clash 2 together.

Speaking of collectibles and secrets, find everything extra on Game Front with our list of Zeno Clash 2 cheats.

Table of Contents

Beginning Prison Break Finding Pott Getting Gastornis Meeting Hanae Therium in the Corwid Woods Gettin the Chain Weapon Desert Exploration Bird Golem The Titan The End World The Throne Saving Henae & Deadra Below the Throne Golem of the North Battle The Two-Headed Man Killing the Singers The Pink Tower The East Golem The Grand Finale

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