Zero Punctuation Reviews Soul Calibur 4, But the Soul Still Burns

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Posted on August 20, 2008, Jonathan Zero Punctuation Reviews Soul Calibur 4, But the Soul Still Burns

Once again, Yahtzee Croshaw is back this week to bring a hilarious review; this time for Soul Calibur IV. Since the series is almost entirely dependent on fashion-illiterate fighters and women whose bosoms are more meticulously animated than anything else in the game, you can probably guess what Croshaw’s feelings are towards it. And that’s all before he even gets to the strange addition of Yoda and Darth Vader into the mix. He does bring up one interesting point though when he asks whether it’s Namco Bandai or LucasArts who benefits more from this conglomeration. Personally, I’d say LucasArts, since video games seem to be the only place these days where the Star Wars universe is being handled responsibly…and then, um, forced to battle fighters that resemble Elvis and S&M fetishists for possession of a mystical sword.

Via The Escapist

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