Zero Punctuation to be Previewed Regularly on X-Play

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Posted on February 11, 2008, Jonathan Zero Punctuation to be Previewed Regularly on X-Play

zeropunctuationhigh1.bmpAround Gaming Today, we love Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw’s hilarious Zero Punctuation reviews. So it’s nice to see his success taking off so rapidly and in some unexpected ways. Now it seems he’s caught the attention of G4TV, whose now-daily gaming show, X-Play, will begin showing previews of his reviews every Tuesday. The show is known for it’s brutally honest reviews, and Croshaw’s reviews certainly are among the most brutal out there.

“Every game has its faults, even the truly great ones,” said Morgan Webb, host of “X-Play.” “Nothing is funnier than seeing the mighty mocked.”

“I was already really excited about the new ‘X-Play’ format,” said Adam Sessler, host of “X-Play.” “Now I can barely contain myself. We’re dedicated to giving gaming fans what they want and we know they want ‘Zero Punctuation.’”

God knows how you can do a preview of a video that’s usually around three minutes long, but it’s still nice to see Yahtzee getting even more recognition for his work.

Via G4TV

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