Zombies Invading Tabula Rasa’s Velon Hollow

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Posted on July 8, 2008, Shawn Sines Zombies Invading Tabula Rasa’s Velon Hollow

NCsoft’s Brian Hudson, a developer on Richard Garriott’s Tabula Rasa, has contributed a developer diary on Velon Hollow. This upcoming instance will introduce two new features for Tabula Rasa; item sets and zombies.

Imagine that an evil alien race has developed a serum capable of suppressing your personality and trapping you in your own mind. The chemicals make you stronger and more aggressive, and the sight of human flesh makes you hungry. As the last of your sanity slips away, you are only slightly aware that your friends and family have become your latest meal!

It’s a great concept but it doesn’t really fit in a science fiction game. It’s definitely in the survival horror genre. It would be a great mod for Half-Life… oh wait that’s Left for Dead. Maybe they should concentrate on developing more of the sci-fi aspects.

Who wants to play I was a teenage zombie… Well I do, but not enough to commit to Tabula Rasa over one instance.

You can download the Tabula Rasa – Velon Hollow Developer Diary“>Tabula Rasa Velon Hollow dev diary courtesy of FileFront.

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