Zone of the Enders 3DS on the Way?

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Posted on August 16, 2011, Phil Owen Zone of the Enders 3DS on the Way?

Hideo Kojimo is such a sly dog. He tweeted the above picture today with a teasing, “Found this at Omori-kun’s desk. What’s this?” Oh, you. So the initial thought is that the focus of the picture is the figurine, but I think this is actually Kojima’s way of showing us the words in the background there: Z.O.E 3DS.

That seems pretty cut and dried, doesn’t it? They wouldn’t just have something like that hanging on a cubicle wall for no reason, right? RIGHT? Maybe we’ll find out at TGS next month.

Really, a new Zone of the Enders game shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise what with the ZOE HD set coming up.



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