Zynga Pursuing Cease & Desist Over Use of ‘Ville in ‘Blingville’

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Posted on January 25, 2011, Phil Hornshaw Zynga Pursuing Cease & Desist Over Use of ‘Ville in ‘Blingville’

Facebook and social gaming powerhouse Zynga is filing cease and desist paperwork against Blingville, a social game maker behind the title of the same name, claiming that the “ville” in Blingville is a violation of Zynga’s trademark.

Zynga makes those crazily popular “ville” Facebook games, like Farmville and Cityville, both of which have tens of millions of subscribers. Cityville recently shot up to become the most popular game on Facebook with 84 million subscribers — so Zynga wants to do everything it can to protect the names of its products.

Blingville has filed a request for a declaratory judgment against Zynga, claiming that its use of the “ville” name constitutes fair use of the trademark. The company claims that Zynga and its copyright claim are adversely affecting Blingville, and asks for a rule that states Zynga has to pay the company’s attorney fees and costs after ruling in its favor.

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