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Half-Life: Alyx official mod tools have been released

People have made all kinds of incredible mods for Half-Life: Alyx already, from porting levels from Half-Life 2 to allowing you to play the ...

0 3 years ago
Beyond Skyrim Update Explores The Island Of Roscrea

We've covered the Beyond Skyrim project on GameFront before, but, for those who aren't aware, it's a project to bring areas from the rest of...

0 3 years ago
Morrowind Rebirth celebrates 18th anniversary with major update

In yet another milestone that makes me feel my age, The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind turned 18 this past week - and the team behind the Morrow...

0 3 years ago
Playing Dark Souls 3 with a Ring Fit is now a thing

If you want to get your heart rate up in more ways than one, then this mod for Dark Souls 3 is for you, as one creative player has managed t...

0 3 years ago
Half-Life: Alyx is getting a level editor soon

Valve have confirmed they're currently working on a level editor for Half-Life: Alyx which would consist of a subset of Source 2 development...

0 3 years ago
Mod brings Half-Life 2 to Alyx's VR engine (already)

I was expecting this to happen, but perhaps not quite this quickly. It seems modder Vect0r had no intention of hanging around to play Alyx, ...

0 3 years ago
This mod adds raytracing to Resident Evil 2 remake

Resident Evil 2 is already pretty impressive, graphically speaking, but thanks to this mod, you can now take the experience to the next leve...

0 3 years ago
Experience Doom Eternal in Serious Sam with this mod

Want to get a taste of Doom Eternal while you wait for the price to come down? Or do you just enjoy mods that introduce gratuitous violence ...

0 3 years ago
This Dark Souls 2 mod looks absolutely jaw-dropping

We love Dark Souls here at GameFront, as I know you do too, but it's fair to say the first two games in the series are starting to, well, sh...

0 3 years ago
Play Resident Evil 2 as Geralt with this mod

Everyone loves the awesome Resident Evil 2 remake, and everyone loves Geralt of Rivia, so it was inevitable that the two would collide at so...

0 3 years ago
MechWarrior 5 official mod tools have been released

Piranha Games have now officially launched their modding tools and rolled out modding support in-game for MechWarrior 5, allowing modders to...

0 3 years ago
Skywind Project releases new development update

The team over at the Skywind project, which aims to re-create the world of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind in the much more modern Skyrim e...

0 3 years ago
Here's ModDB's Top Ten Mods of 2019

Our sister site ModDB has been holding their annual Mod of the Year contest, and as ususal, fans have been voting for which mod they believe...

0 3 years ago
Battlefront II Saga Edition overhauls this classic game

Here's a mod well worth checking out for the original Star Wars: Battlefront II, a game still very popular with modders and GameFront visito...

0 3 years ago
Nexus Mods reports security breach has leaked user info

Nexus Mods, a website many here are no doubt familiar with, have reported today that it has suffered a major data breach in November of this...

0 3 years ago
Here's how Halo: Reach will still support mods officially

There's been some concern that despite assurances from 343 Industries that mod support will be coming for the game, albeit not when it launc...

0 3 years ago