Catch the first episode of the Fallout TV show on Twitch for free

Amazon is putting the first episode of the hotly anticipated Fallout TV series out for free on its Twitch platform, with select streamers ab...

0 2 months ago
Sonic The Hedgehog Movie is officially getting a sequel

If you've seen the Sonic The Hedgehog movie and stuck around for the after-credits scenes, it might not come as a total surprise to hear the...

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Could Psychonauts 2 be an Xbox Series X launch title?

Psychonauts 2 is expected to release at some point late this year and is currently slated for release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Still, the p...

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Could the GeForce RTX 3080 release this August?

This is just some playful speculation, but there are some strong indications that point to a possible release of the next generation of NVid...

0 4 years ago
I'm actually excited for Sonic The Hedgehog's Movie

I've loved Sonic The Hedgehog ever since he launched onto the Sega Mega Genesis Drive in 1991, and despite a somewhat turbulent relationship...

1 5 years ago
Is Game Streaming The End for Modding & Game Preservation?

With the news that Google are entering the space with it's new Stadia service, and even rumours of Walmart being interested, it begs the que...

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This is a test for FileTrekker

Test, test, testy McTesterson....

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Merry Christmas From FileFront!

It's that time again folks! Bust out the eggnog, the presents, and the annoying in-laws and enjoy another merry Christmas! If you are not ce...

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Obama is Elected the 44th President of The United States

It is now official, Barack Obama is the 44th president of The United States after winning the 2008 election! The 47 year old senator is t...

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Happy Thanksgiving from the Staff Team at FilesNetwork!

FilesNetwork would like to shout out to everyone and say a big [b]Happy Turkey Day[/b] (Thanksgiving) to all! If you have a special holiday...

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Happy Halloween!

From the staff at FilesNetwork, we would like to wish you a safe and happy [b]Halloween[/b]! In light of this tradition, for a good scare...

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Painkiller chat tonight

The fine folks over at FileFront will be hosting a chat with Painkiller developer People Can Fly this evening! You can read the extensive bl...

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Happy birthday Mr. Greg!

Gues what folks, today it´s Mr. Greg's birthday! Greg joined the ranks of FilesNetwork almost 2 years ago, on october 28, 2001 to be exa...

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Happy Birthday Pro-Filer

As most of you dont know it is Jos "Pro-Filer" Jongejan. He founded and funded FilesNetwork by himself and to quote Jos himself; [quote][...

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Happy bday FN|Phenix!

Just wanted to throw a quick big congratulations to Dominic "Phenix" Black for his 16th birthday. Dominic has been with FilesNetwork since ...

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