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GamingToday James Plays Resident Evil 7 in VR!

Join our resident Mean Hean Machine James on his first VR livestream, and he's gone in the deep end with Resident Evil 7 VR...


GamingToday 30 Minutes With: Old Man's Journey

Welcome back to 30 Minutes With, this week Mikey plays Old Man's Journey! Check out the series on YouTube or, if you're all caught up, simply watch the video below:


GamingToday James Plays ABZÛ #2 - The 5K Challenge

As an extra reward for getting close to 1K, James continues his playthrough of Abzû! And don't forget to subscribe to James' new podcast, Alchemy This, here:


GamingToday Layers of Fear - James' 5K Challenge!

James enters the Layers of Fear for this Halloween month, help the video get to 1,000 views to continue this epic story! Share, like, and be sure to tell your friends!


GamingToday Life breaks free - Let's Play Jurassic World Evolution Episode 3

Can we successfully incubate a carnivore? Can we get our island rating to three stars? Will we ever get off this Island? Join Mikey for Episode 3 of our Jurassic World Evolution Let's Play. 


GamingToday ABZÛ - James' 5K Challenge Episode 1!

James plays Abzû in the first episode of the 5K challenge! Help this video get to 1K views to get an extra episode of this game!


GamingToday Spared no expense - Let's Play Jurassic World Evolution (Episode 2)

The continuation of the Let's Play Jurassic World: Evolution Let's Play series is now live on YouTube!Check it out below:


GamingToday Life Finds a Way - Let's Play Jurassic World Evolution (Episode 1)

Check out the first episode of a new Let's Play on the GameFront YouTube channel!Let's Play Jurassic World: Evolution Episode 1 is ready for your enjoyment below.


GamingToday Penumbra: Overture - One Life to Live FINALE!

It's a red letter day for James, as he faces the final challenge in this series of One Life to Live, the consequences of which could change his life forever.