Gears of War

Gears of War is a tactical third-person shooter where the player controls Marcus Fenix, a member of Delta Squad, to save the human inhabitants of the fictional planet Sera from an enemy known as The L...

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MP_Crazy_High_Snipe_(FIX) Tim Leighton 4.37MB 142
MP High Snipe Tim Leighton 3.05MB 106
Lawn Maze nafets1218 44.66MB 90
GeoW patch 1.1 + Hamachi fix ALKOHOLIX 5.71MB 7732
MP_Grassworld Smasher4ya 47.03MB 313
Lawn Maze (beta 2) nafets1218 40.33MB 127
Lawn Maze (beta) nafets1218 41.54MB 81
Gears of War 2 GDC2008 Trailer 2 Epic Games 282.16MB 803
Gears of War 2 GDC2008 Trailer 1 Epic Games 85.91MB 511
SP Square Zackiz 22.65MB 884
Gears of War Patch 1 (Revised) Epic Games 6.23MB 11605
Gears of War 2 Wallpaper Pack Epic Games 2.6MB 2154
Gears of War 2 GDC 2008 Trailer Epic Games 65.4MB 732
AimBox Marikcool 84KB 970
Firebridge Joshua 'M3rl1n' Wilson 42.02MB 1579
Asylum Muhammad 'MozI' Ahmed 12.43MB 1313
The Spire Hourences 15.39MB 1811
Title Update Epic Games 2.96MB 4117
Cold Heart Jared Smith 42.66MB 1058
Official Gears of War Screen Saver Guest 5.07MB 8053
Official Gears of War Trailer PC 1 Epic Games 7.78MB 2306
Gears Of War 'Marcus' Trailer Epic Games 9.48MB 1540
Gears Of War 'Locusts' Trailer Epic Games 9.92MB 1056
Gears Of War 'Emergence' Trailer Epic Games 13.28MB 872
Gears Of War 'Coalition' Trailer Epic Games 12.7MB 753
Gears of War [X360] - TGS 2005 Presentation Epic Games 34.59MB 1463
Gears of War E3 2006 Trailer [High Res] Epic Games 28.88MB 1473
Gears of War HD Trailer Epic Games 102.35MB 6650
Gears of War [X360] X05 Trailer Epic Games 26.51MB 1845
Gears of War Trailer Epic Games 20.58MB 2547
Gears of War E3 2005 Trailer Epic Games 32.24MB 594
Gears of War MTV Mini Movie [Xbox 360] Epic Games 960KB 1949
Gears of War E3 2006 Trailer Epic Games 11.46MB 510