"CliffyB Sounds Off on Gears of War Movie Casting"

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Published by Gamerush 14 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
[quote]Anyone who has played the single-player campaign in Gears of War knows the story is a bit high on the testosterone. When New Line snatched up the movie rights, most people probably expected a knock-out, drag-down action flick rife with manly grunting, but the treatment seemed to go a different direction, even working in Fenix's wife. In an interview with GameDaily, GoW Lead Designer Cliff Bleszinski talked about his ideas for casting when the movie is made. "I get a lot of forum posts where Gears fans tell us we need to cast this wrestler as Marcus. I don't give a f**k if the guy's buff or six foot five," he said. "What matters most is that this guy is charismatic and he can act and is somebody compelling that you want to watch on screen." And his idea of a charismatic and compelling actor? "The Rock is the rare exception of a wrestler who is that charismatic that he can carry a movie. If they cast four mongoloid wrestlers in Gears and they're just as exciting to watch as paint dry on the screen, nobody's going to go see it." He raises a good point, but Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is currently occupying himself with less conventionally manly projects, so his agent might not want him uttering the phrase "eat shit and die." Does this mean Gears of War will be adapted into a heartfelt romantic comedy? "The fact that Gears is an M-rated franchise and involves people getting chainsawed in half, it's got to be a pretty f***ing hardcore movie," said Bleszinski. There we go.[/quote]
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