E3 '08: Gears of War 2 Impressions

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Published by Gamerush 11 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
The opening cinematic narrated by Marcus Fenix is accompanied by a sweeping view of the world that we will return to in Gears of War 2. Ever since GDC earlier this year, it’s been hard not to keep a close watch on this sequel. At the Microsoft Press Event to jump start E3, design director Cliff Bleszinski and senior producer Jonathan Zamkoff were able to play through a brief but exciting section where the locust have returned and are now sinking entire cities. After the introduction, we see the destruction that the enemy has caused as Fenix heads down toward the locust sinkhole, The hazy glow of the sun in the background and burning fires in dilapidated buildings is a sad landscape but the action is constant, so there is no time to sit back and enjoy. As Fenix and his buddy Dom traverse deeper into the city fighing off locusts of shapes and sizes, falling debris trickles down like a waterfall as they run by. The city looks alive because of the constant changes in the environment and it really drives the action and intensity of the level. Like the previous Gears of War, your objective is given to you when you reach certain checkpoints and gameplay is still focused on taking cover. We see a nice demonstration on how the meat shield is used. After shooting a locust enough to wound it, Fenix walked up to put it in a strangle hold and then use it for cover. Once he was done, Fenix swiftly broke its neck and moved on. A quick peek at Dom showed him chain sawing an enemy cleanly in half and to change things up, the scorcher provides a bit of entertainment as you watch the locust writhe in pain. Once they made it to the bottom, Marcus and Dom ran into an elevator to escape the crumbling city and come face to face with a Brumak Pilot, a gargantuan, towering creature that is normally piloted by locusts, but right before the demo ends, we hear Marcus says, “If they can ride them, so can we.” Epic also talked about their new horde mode, a five player cooperative mode where players take on waves and waves of locusts. The brief but sweet demo certainly made us wish for more, but Gears of Wars 2 will be available soon, releasing worldwide this November 7. -GameSpot
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