No Gears of War 2 Demo Planned

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Published by Gamerush 11 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
While this may not come as a complete shock to most folks, alas, the news is slightly grim for those who want to try out Gears of War 2 before laying down their hard earned cash on a cold, unfeeling retail counter. According to Tanya Jessen, the associate producer of the game, Epic is not planning on releasing a demo for the highly anticipated sequel to the fan favorite Gears of War. Well, at least in ADVANCE of the title’s November release - what they plan on doing after the release is unknown except to psychics, ghost-whisperers and Cliffy himself. Tanya had this to say about the demo: “[There are] no plans for a demo. The reason being that it’s been such a fast turnaround. A two year production cycle, for a game of this caliber, is really short. Our focus is always on putting out the best possible game we can. Whenever you do a demo, you have to basically ship a whole separate product. As far as our plans after we ship, I can’t really speak to that.” Despite gamers not being able to get an idea of what to expect from the full title, I am sure this will still sell very well - because you have to remember that the original did not have a demo released beforehand and it went on to sell over 3 million copies anyway. So demo or no demo, it won’t make a bit of difference either way - gamers want it, therefore they will buy it.
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