November 9th Release Date Strongly Hinted at for Gears of War 2

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Published by Gamerush 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


If there’s one thing online gamers are good at, it’s examining every bit of information from a game for possible hidden clues. Now it looks like some eagle-eyed Gears of War fans may have discovered a clue to the sequel’s release date. It all stems from this splash image on the game’s website (and above) that shows a COG soldier holding a dog tag (or “COG tag,†I suppose). The dog tag in the picture reads “033-116-117-126-071″ (as does the image’s filename). Apparently, if you run that through an ASCII Table, you get the message “ESC NOV 9.†Anyone with a keyboard in front of them can probably guess that could translate to “Escape November 9.†That’s a bit too specific to be just a simple coincidence.

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