Gears of War 2 GDC 2008 Trailer

gow2_wesrb_720p29_st_6300kbps.wmv —


Word from Microsoft Game Studios is: "This highly anticipated sequel to the 4.5 million-selling blockbuster 'Gears of War' delves deeper into humanity’s struggle for survival against the nightmarish Locust Horde, and promises to take high-definition visuals to a whole new level." And word from CliffyB is: "To our team the original game was just a tease, the appetizer to the ‘Gears of War’ characters and new style of gameplay. We were so amped to get to the next chapter, and dig deeper into the universe of this franchise. ‘Gears of War 2’ is an even bigger, better, and more badass experience than the first game, and we can’t wait to get it in the hands of eager gamers this November."


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