Lawn Maze (beta)



A maze using custom textures, and containing really cool weapons! You will love using the Hammer of Dawn to obliterate other players with weapons that are worthy of standing up to you! Weapons included: Hammer of Dawn, Longshot Sniper Rifle, Rocket Launcher, and Crossbow! (I'm sorry I don't remember all the in game terms for each weapon, I even tried consulting the manual, I hope you know what I mean.)



This is a beta of a multiplayer map that uses a somewhat different concept--a maze!
It has eight(8) spawn points, but only has four(4) different spawn locations (the spawn points are in pairs),and is only recommended for four(4) players.
The two main textures (grass and bricks)are derived from photos I took myself, and if anyone wants to use them, feel free to do so!
Questions, Comments, and Concerns can be sent to my e-mail: [email protected]
Extract the included files to: "C:Documents and SettingsUsername*My DocumentsMy GamesGears of War for WindowsWarGame"
*this is your username
Also contact me if any files included are found to be unnessecary (I'm a n00b to Gears map making!)

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