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1. Outpost_TDM (if you downloaded the first outpost please replace it with the new release)...


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1. [aces]Outpost_TDM (if you downloaded the first outpost please replace it with the new release)

2. [aces]Outpost_seige an [aces] version of the org. Stronghold

3. [aces]village (this map is layed out like the org. village but with lots of trees and more places for cover TDM mode)

4. [aces]Ghosttown TDM(another map inspiered from the org. ghosttown, This map is layed out in the same manner with a small junkyard and small village for cqc but also has a large open area with bush and rock cover for the snipers)

5. [aces]Dockyard TDM(again this is a takeoff of the org. small docks layed out the same with a few diffrences of course quick action and great with pistels only or nade only fun.

6. [aces]Dockyard DM this is the same as dockyard but in solo death mode. again lots of quick action.

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Download '' (7.84MB)

MOD TITLE : [aces] MapPack
VERSION   : v1.0 
CREATOR   : [aces.Ghost]
E-MAIL    :
CREDITS   : Thank you goes to the guys at for all their help testing the maps.
I would also like to thank the guys and gals at British Parachute Regiment( for
hosting all the new maps people are coming out with. and their input for these new maps.

MOD TYPE     : MAPS   GAMETYPES (Team Deathmatch /DeathMatch/ Siege)

INSTALLATION : unzip (as you have done and run the self installer if your GR:AW custom_files folder
is not found here C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\custom_levels  then please select a 
diffrent destination folder

 [aces]Outpost Night has been added in both siege and Team Deathmatch.
 [aces]Dockyard night has been added in both DeathMatch and Team Deathmatch.

KNOWN ISSUES :Outpost/TDM or Siege will not reload for a second round unless hosted by a dedicated server.
If a person hosts Outpost tdm/siege in day or night version, GRAW will have an exe error and crash. to avoid
this and you want to host a server with these maps you must put the server on 1 play rotation. this does not 
include dedicated servers outpost tdm/siege day or night run fine on them.

Notice: the maps in the [aces] MapPack are not to be added to any other mappacks or mods with out
consent from the [aces] if you would like to use these maps in your mods or mappacks please Email me at

Readme file version 1.0

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