Brettzies M4 Mod

This Really is a grate M4 mod, detail and functionality are top knotch well worth a download.

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File Description

This Really is a grate M4 mod, detail and functionality are top knotch well worth a download.

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Brettzies M4 Mod v3.1 GRAW

The PDF has illustrations : )

Sound by : Jeff Moore aka xLongWayHome

v3.1 Additions

This is a small update to address a few minor issues.  The reticle for the Mk12 was a little too big in the initial v3.0 release.  I was a bit excited to release the weapon and neglected researching the proper look for the ret.  Once again, thanks goto Zoot86 for pointing out the blunder and providing some reference material.  This ret feels much more realistic and I always did feel the first one was oddly large.

I’ve also tweaked the M4 unsuppressed sounds.  I loved the Original Ghost Recon M4 sounds, so I started with those.  Then mixed in some loud M4 sounds with a distant one shot echo.  They are pretty balanced, but a little less loud and angry as Jeff Moore’s in previous releases.  However, some people may prefer those, so I have included both.  I did remove the two variations that were a bit distorted.  If you would like to use the old M4 sounds, simply go into the sound dir of the mod and rename the bp_m4v2 dir to bp_m4v2_new, and bp_m4v2_old to bp_m4v2.  Basically switch them.  You can actually named the unused sound dir to anything you like, but the one you want to use has to be called bp_m4v2.

Sorry to have a point release so soon after the intial one, but I felt this little changes could make a big difference in the quality of the mod and wanted to take care of them.  If you find any other issues or concerns please feel free to contact me but also check the list of “known” issues before telling me an M16A4 doesn’t have a full auto mode : )  Thanks and enjoy!

v3.0 Additions

This is the third major update to this M4 mod.  With each new weapon I have increased the version number to a whole number.  In this case, three.  The new weapon is a light sniper rifle, the Mk12 Mod 0 SPR - Special Purpose Rifle.  It is  based on the AR15 recieverwhich all of the weapons in this mod are based on.  It is a semi-automatic fire, accurate weapon with a Leupold MkIV Scope and Mil-dot sight reticle.  It’s always been a favorite of mine since I first saw it in Ghost Recon2 for the Xbox.  I have thought aobut changing th e name of this mod to reflect more then just the M4, but I cannot bring myself to do it and have grown fond of the version numbers for some reason.

Special thanks to Bat21 and Blue for helping test this out in multiplayer.

Mk12 Mod 0 SPR
This is the new weapon system added to the mod.  It is a semi-automatic fire light sniper designated marksman rifle.

·20 round mag
·semi auto fire mode
·sounds taken and tweaked from Ghost Recon: Island Thunder
·suppressor attachment
·bipod attachment - increases stability
·custom scope with mil dot ret
·ironsights available but scope is default
·adjusted script so your ai teammates treat the weapon like a sniper rifle

Intro Animations
Created new intro animations for each weapon individually.  All sounds take from the original Ghost Recon sound directory.

With v2.0 I brought in an M16A4 and changed the weapon and attachment ids of all my models.  This caused some hiccups in multiplayer games which Bat21 helped to debug and narrow down.  The problem was related to the RAS: Handguards and id numbers, or some combination of the two.  As a result, the v2.2 patch reordered the id numbers and removed the Handguards.  I had also placed all of the handguard model files in one folder, this may or may not have contributed to the problem.

With v3.0 I have redone the Handguards to be part of whichever attachment you choose.  This keeps the number system the same as v2.2 and hopefully eliminates any multiplayer issues.  I have also added two more options for RAS: Handguards, full and half.  This takes the options for handguards from 9 to 2.  Nine was a bit overkill, but it did provide for ultimate custimization.  As a result of this new system, you can never have a handguardless rail, sicne the full side guards are now built into the base weapon.

v2.2 Patch

Looks like this will work.  The mod_ids seem to be causing problems.  So, I've cut the handguards off for now and renumbered the attachments.  This should let you join mp games with no problems, however for other players to see you with the weapon/s the server needs the mod as well.  I'll do a proper model fix in the future for some degree of handguards, but for now this is kind of a quick fix.

Special thanks to Bat21 and Evilducky for helping debug the situation.

v2.1 Patch (bad)

Seems my numbering scheme was causing some issues with online play.  As a result, I've gone back to the original numbering system.  Hopefully this will fix any problems people have been having.

To install, you need to place the mod_data.xml and weapon_data.xml into:

local\english\lib\managers\xml  or whever you have the mod installed.

You can do this by directly extracting them to that folder or by copying them in manually after extraction.

v2.0 Additions

This could be called M16 v1.0, but I’m keeping it part of the M4 mod and just increasing the version number to 2.0 with the addition of a new weapon.  Since it is based on the M4 and shares many attachments, it’s just easier to keep them as one mod.  Lipoff actually suggested doing an M16A4 back in September 2006 when I was experimenting with GRAW modding.  It seemed like a very cool weapon to make since it is highly modular like the M4A1.  However, at the time I wasn’t sure how far I would get in modding GRAW weapons, so I didn’t want to build anything new.  Now that I have some experience with how the game works, I wanted to work on the M16A4.  I’m pretty happy with the results, though there are some limitations.  I can’t figure out how to turn off full auto fire mode, or set the default to be single fire.

The main attraction of this update.  A heavy hitter assault rifle.  Does everything the M4 does but packs a bigger punch and is a bit heavier.

RAS Handguards
There are several RAS handgaurd combinations you can select with the M16A4, but they are all assigned to the front mod.  So, if you pick a silencer, it will also place an array of “light” handgaurds on the rail to compensate.  You can select the lower rail combination, a foregrip, or an m203.  The m203 sight and top handguards can be assigned at the same time, which means you will have to pick a combination that does not cover the sight attachment.  It’s mainly a visual, but they do add a little bit of weight to the weapon.

OGR M16 Sounds
I didn’t want this to sound exactly like the M4, so I modified some M16 sounds from the original Ghost Recon game.  The suppressed sounds are still done by xLongWayHome.

I was never really happy with the way the ironsight worked-actually it didn’t-or the texture on it, but it was my first GRAW part last summer and got a little neglected.  Since I really like to use ironsights as opposed to scopes, I cleaned up and tried to enhance the texture.  In lieu of figuring out how to correctly aim down the sight, I added a small sight assist texture that only shows up when you zoom in.  This is a work around, but I actually kind of like it, and it makes aiming much easier.

Thanks to EricJ’s discovery, I added ACOGs to both Scars and the MR-C.  They worked with my original ACOG, but I adjusted their placement for each to be a bit more appealing.  As a result, there are 3 ACOG models, but I’d rather have them work and look correct than share a model.

Also added a correct sight reticle for the ACOG on the suggestion of Zoot86.  After spending some time hunting through the xmls, I just decided to try and do it for real via a textured poly plane.  Worked like a charm, was much easier then trying to figure out exactly how the scope rets worked.  I knew the sight was incorrect, but didn’t think it would be a big deal.  Now that I’ve put the correct one in, I’m glad I did.  It does seem kind of ridiculous with the eotech cqb crosshair.  The discovery  also enabled me to add the sight assist to the ironsight.

v1.2 Additions

This update adds an ACOG sight to the M4A1. It has a slightly increased zoom over the Aimpoint.  Both are selectable.

v1.1 Additions

This is just a small update that adds custom sounds to the M4A1 as opposed to using the ScarL sounds as default.  I found some great M4A1 firing and suppressed sounds done by Jeff Moore aka xLongWayHome.  He was courteous enough to let me add them to this weapon mod.  The sounds he made are excellent in my opinion.  Gives the M4 a very angry and loud firing noise. Very satisfying.  The suppressed sound is equally nice with a good metallic clink quickly after firing.  Thanks to GrimlockCW for suggesting new sounds in the first place, it really makes a difference.  I hope you all enjoy it, and thanks again to Jeff Moore for creating such excellent sounds and letting me use them in this mod.


Thank you for downloading and trying out my M4A1 mod.  I know what you’re thinking, why another M4 mod?  Well, I actually started working on this mod in the summer of 2006 after I had implemented two versions of it into SWAT4.  I really wanted to get it into GRAW, so I started seeing what can be done.  After a few weeks, I pretty much abandoned the mod for several reasons.  First it took GRIN a while to release any information on weapon modding.  After they did, it helped but I was quickly discouraged when I discovered there was no way to adjust the aiming for custom sights without creating new character animations.  While I have no problem doing animations, there’s pretty much no point of reference to work from and I didn’t have the time to be shooting in the dark and GRAW tends to crash when one little thing is incorrect.  This pretty much killed it for me since I wasn’t really interested in doing a work-around.  About the same time, Snowfella began converting one of his M4s into an excellent M4Sopmod for GRAW.  At that point, I didn’t see a need to have another M4 mod for GRAW, at least not right away.

However, I’ve had some free time recently and began to see what could be done with the character model and skeleton supplied.  Since I don’t use Max, I came up with the same techniques I used to get animations into SWAT 4 using Maya and fbx files.  Basically just creating an animator friendly rig to drive the supplied skeleton.  While I have had a small success getting an actual pose into the game, I can see that it will be quite a bit of work to get everything to work correctly if at all.  I hope to go back and figure it out at some point, but after spending so much time experimenting with GRAW modding, I wanted to actually produce something and decided to finish the M4 using the aiming work around.

This mod adds an M4 with all of the standard attachments including:  a custom aimpoint, grenade launcher, tactical grip, silencer and ironsights(aiming not correct though).  It is mainly a visual enhancement and behaves identical to the ScarL.  The meshes are higher then normal for a game, but I had little problem with it on my old system, an AMD2400xp, 1gig ram, 6800nvidia geforce.  Since then, I have optimized them and added lods, but they are still quite high.  While it runs great on my current system, I cannot predict if it will cause others to degrade.

I have not tried this mod in Multiplayer, so  I don’t know if it will actually work that way. Though I have been building it with the Cooperative multiplayer mode.  If you get a group of people to all use it, I’d be interested to hear about the results.

Feel free to add this to your own Mod, just give me a little credit somewhere if you do.  Let me know if you are having trouble and I can try to help or point you in the right direction.

Good luck and have fun!



This mod is designed to work with GRAW v1.35 patch.  Feel free to try it with other versions but I cannot gaurauntee it will work with them.

Installation is fairly straight forward.  Simply extract the contents of into your GRAW/local folder.  Or you can extract them where ever you like and copy or move the folder into your GRAW/local folder.  Be sure “use folders” is on when you extract.  After that rename your english folder to something else, I use x_english or x_english_orig.  Then rename the bp_m4v2_english folder to english or whatever language you are using, though I have no idea if other languages will work.

If you plan to combine this mod with other mods, especially weapon mods, you will probably have to edit the id numbers for the weapon and attachments.  Straight combining will yield unpredictable results, though feel free to try.

Bugs and Issues

I’ve tried to debug this weapon mod as much as possible, but I’m sure there are things I missed.  Some things I have noticed but haven’t come up with a solution for yet:

·Iron sights do not line up properly for aiming
·HUD icons do not show up properly when the weapon is selected
·extra ammo does not show a graphic when selected during the loadout phase
·some people have experienced corrupted save games/missions after uninstalling this mod
·occasional sound errors
·the M16A4 has a full auto fire mode which I cannot figure out how to remove

If you find anything else, please let me know and I’ll do my best to see about fixing them.

Future Upgrades

Much of the time spent on this mod was figuring out how GRAW worked and how to get files into it correctly. Since I don’t work in Max either, I had to spend quite a bit of time converting everything.  A lot of trial and error with orientations,  lining things up properly, and getting GRAW to be happy.  However, I was able to eventually figure enough out to get this mod working as best I could.

Now that most of the mysteries have been solved, except for the all important aiming, I hope to build the M16 variant of this weapon with an ACOG available for both, and possibly the SPR with sniper variant.  Not sure when that will happen.  I’ve spent a lot of time on this one mod already and just wanted to finish it in some form even thought there is already an excellent and fully functional M4 mod available from Snowfella.

Feel free to send me any comments or questions you might have.

Brettzies M4 Mod v3.1 GRAW
Brettzies  aka  Splindicator  aka   the.real.brett  aka   .brett

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