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v1.4 Additions 

This is actually a pretty big addition to the mod and goes beyond just weapons. However, in the interest of continuity I’m leaving it as a weapons pack. About two and a half weeks ago(now 3), I began experimenting with the Ghost models to see if something could be done like in GRAW1 with the player’s team using the Mexican Special Forces model. Turns out it was pretty easy to do, but opened up a lot of possiblities for changing the look of the Ghosts. 

I didn’t feel just swapping bodies with the enemy and changing some camo patterns was significant enough to warrant a release on its own. Therefore, I decided to add a few weapons, gear, and finally made an eotech sight. I picked the M4 Combat Shotgun since I thought it would be fairly unique and easy to build. Turns out that may have been a mistake as you will see in the future. I also put in a Sig552 Commando since it fits close to some of the in-game animations and I’ve always thought it was a nice looking weapon. Both can be used as secondary weapons, but the Sig552 can also be used as a primary. 

To finish things off, I put in some new headgear for the Ghosts to further distinguish them. It doesn’t seem like much, but was quite an undertaking to get working correctly. A ballcap, boonie hat, and mich2001 helmet with or without nightvision. I customized each Ghost to look a bit unique in single player, but also converted the multiplayer portion of the game to use this new gear and uniforms. 

Sig552 Commando 
·available as primary or secondary 
·semi auto, burst, and full auto fire modes 
·custom tweaked sounds 
·suppressor attachment 
·multiple scope attachments 
·working ironsights 

·built an eotech sight and added it to the following weapons: 
·M16A4, M4A1, M468, Sig552, Rx4, M416, Scar L, Scar H 

Multiplayer Kits 
·added new kits to take advantage of the Sig552 

Benelli M4 Shotgun 
·available as a secondary weapon 
·aimpoint or ironsights 
·custom tweaked sounds 

New Look Ghosts 
·new gear and unifrom for each Ghost 
·ballcap with or without headset 
·boonie hat 
·mich2001 with or without nightvision, up or down 
·used in multiplayer as well as single player 

New Look Marines 
·new gear and unifrom for USMC in sp 
·use M16A4s and M4A1s

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