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Brettzies has done it once agen Adding new weapons to GRAW2 that not only work but looks and feel Like thay were built in to the game lik...


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Brettzies has done it once agen Adding new weapons to GRAW2 that not only work but looks and feel Like thay were built in to the game like the Devs. This weapons pack updates and adds a new weapon to the 1.4 mod the L85A2 comes with all the normal bells that you expect with a well done mod. A must have for any GRAW2 player even if you only do SP.

There is a grate PDF file that comes with the mod that over views the weapon systems that are added to the game all and all a informative guide to this mod as well as some bugs and work arounds.

[quote]v2.0 Additions Almost a year has past since the last major update to this mod. I’ve been pretty busy the second part of 2008, but earlier this month, January 2009, for some reason I got the urge to make some adjustments to this mod. Perhaps it was the renewed interest in GRAW2 modding or just unfinished business. Whatever the case, I’ve been going at it pretty hardcore when I have free time. What I thought would be a quick update, as usual, turned into something larger.

This update actually began shortly after releasing the last version, but for various reason I got discouraged with what I wanted to bring into the game, mostly because of not being able to import custom weapon animation and the limit on attachment id#s in multi-player. One thing lead to another and the project was basically done and shelved. However, after bringing in a few things I did for GRAW1, I was able to free up 6 precious attachment id#s, which gave me enough inspiration to try and get what I wanted accomplished.

I wanted to bring in one of my favorite characters from Ghost Recon, Nigel Tunney. Being a British soldier, he needs a British weapon and that caused the huge problem. Bringing in an SA-80 type weapon seems doable by just using the mrc anim set, but then all the sights are out of whack. Using a scar anim set could work, but then grips and reloads look really bad. After a weekend of experimentation I cleaned up the model I had started and was able to combine anim sets of different weapons into one more usable set for SA-80 type guns. With that knowledge in hand I discovered many other tricks which helped with several other weapons too. This gave me enough confidence to go ahead and finish what I had started a very long time ago.

IPB Image

L85A2 ·available as a primary ·semi auto, burst, and full auto fire modes ·custom tweaked sounds ·suppressor attachment ·susat scope attachment ·working ironsights

Mk18 CQBR ·available as primary or secondary ·custom tweaked sounds ·working ironsights ·two scope attachments, tac grip, and suppressor

SCAR H Marksman ·available as a primary weapon ·multiple scope attachments

New Look Ghosts ·went back to original ghost bodies ·new gear and unifrom for each Ghost ·ballcap with or without headset ·boonie hat ·mich2001 with or without nightvision, up or down ·used in multiplayer as well as single player

New Ghosts ·Nigel Tunney - Demolitions ·Jack Stone - Sniper ·custom look ·available in all single player mission ·portrait non-viewable

Multiplayer ·assigned all select fire weapons to default to single shot ·added kits to take advantage of new weapons ·added M32 w/Mk18 secondary assault coop kit ·added two M14 /aimpoint sniper kits [quote]

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Download '' (91.65MB)

Past updates Below

Version 1.41 Info 
This is essentially the same as v1.4 except it takes into account the new patch1.05. Some of the things I want to add or change will take a bit of time, so I'm just releasing this compatible version for 1.05. The attachment id# still appears to be an issue for mp, so I've left this in the local folder method. Installation is still the same however, just extract and go. Read the docs for further info, but there is no bundle in this version. Makes for a smaller file too ~77megs and may alleviate some of the install problems people were having. 



This is a direct port of my GRAW mod to GRAW2. The current incarnation was done using the Single Player demo so I am not positive if it will work with the full version or what problems will occur. I assume there will be hiccups so I apologize if this mod doesn’t work smoothly for you. When I get the full version of the game I will be able to test it more thoroughly. I have included most of the documentation from the original GRAW mod and iterations as well. 

Known Bugs and Issues 

I’ve tried to debug this weapon mod as much as possible, but I’m sure there are things I missed. Some things I have noticed but have not come up with a solution for yet: 

·sound is below audible levels for intro movie 

·durring the loadout phase there will be no icons if you select one of the 4 weapons and attachments 

·Iron sights do not line up properly for aiming with rifles 

·HUD icons do not show up properly when the weapon is selected 

·some people have experienced corrupted save games/missions after uninstalling this mod 

·occasional sound errors and cutoff 

·the M16A4 has a full auto fire mode which I cannot figure out how to remove 

·firing while reloading will result in an odd scar animation 

·the ammo for Mk23 is actually 9mm to the game, but it does the damage of a .45, so 9mm magazines will be picked up 

v1.2 Additions 
The main addition to this pack is the Barrett Firearms M468 rifle. It uses 6.8mm Remington SPC 
rounds for more stopping power. I should have made it some time ago as there has been some interest in it for GRAW1, but I kind of didn’t want to make any more weapons based on the AR15. I was about to write a scope tutorial, however, for some reason I just felt like putting it in the game; especially since it was featured in the x360 game and I used it for most of the campaign in that version. Thanks to WP33 for the “stock” suggestions. At first I wasn’t interested in doing a new stock, but it does give the weapon a more unique feel and helps seperate it a bit from the standard M4A1. 

M468 Barrett Firearms 6.8mm SPC 
This is the new weapon system added to the mod. 

·28 round mag 
·semi auto and full auto fire modes 
·custom tweaked sounds 
·magpul UBR stock 
·suppressor attachment 
·tactical grip 
·multiple scope attachments 

M4A1, M16A4, Mk12, and Mk23 
·adjusted damage values for all weapons in pack, including M468 

·adjusted the zoom value for ACOGs on all available weapons 

·cleaned up the Aimpoint texture a bit 

Multiplayer Kits 
·added 2 sniper kits to all modes except RvA 
·added 3 assault kits to all modes except RvA 
·added 3 rifleman kits to all modes except RvA 

v1.4 Additions 

This is actually a pretty big addition to the mod and goes beyond just weapons. However, in the interest of continuity I’m leaving it as a weapons pack. About two and a half weeks ago(now 3), I began experimenting with the Ghost models to see if something could be done like in GRAW1 with the player’s team using the Mexican Special Forces model. Turns out it was pretty easy to do, but opened up a lot of possiblities for changing the look of the Ghosts. 

I didn’t feel just swapping bodies with the enemy and changing some camo patterns was significant enough to warrant a release on its own. Therefore, I decided to add a few weapons, gear, and finally made an eotech sight. I picked the M4 Combat Shotgun since I thought it would be fairly unique and easy to build. Turns out that may have been a mistake as you will see in the future. I also put in a Sig552 Commando since it fits close to some of the in-game animations and I’ve always thought it was a nice looking weapon. Both can be used as secondary weapons, but the Sig552 can also be used as a primary. 

To finish things off, I put in some new headgear for the Ghosts to further distinguish them. It doesn’t seem like much, but was quite an undertaking to get working correctly. A ballcap, boonie hat, and mich2001 helmet with or without nightvision. I customized each Ghost to look a bit unique in single player, but also converted the multiplayer portion of the game to use this new gear and uniforms. 

Sig552 Commando 
·available as primary or secondary 
·semi auto, burst, and full auto fire modes 
·custom tweaked sounds 
·suppressor attachment 
·multiple scope attachments 
·working ironsights 

·built an eotech sight and added it to the following weapons: 
·M16A4, M4A1, M468, Sig552, Rx4, M416, Scar L, Scar H 

Multiplayer Kits 
·added new kits to take advantage of the Sig552 

Benelli M4 Shotgun 
·available as a secondary weapon 
·aimpoint or ironsights 
·custom tweaked sounds 

New Look Ghosts 
·new gear and unifrom for each Ghost 
·ballcap with or without headset 
·boonie hat 
·mich2001 with or without nightvision, up or down 
·used in multiplayer as well as single player 

New Look Marines 
·new gear and unifrom for USMC in sp 
·use M16A4s and M4A1s

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