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Maps in Map pack

City Street Large tn_csl.jpg This screenshot is taken within one of the bases, from here you can see the right building, there tower, there church and your tower.

tn_csl2.jpg Another view from the other base. Here you should be able to see the right building, your tower, there tower and chuch.

tn_csl3.jpg This is a side view from one of the side buildings. Here you will be able to see some of one of the teams bases, the other building and also some of the middle

Train Yard tn_ty.jpg This screenshot is shows part of the up-top railing and also the below where the trains are at. Also it shows a guard tower, and other goodies.

tn_ty2.jpg This screenshot shows inside the warehouse. There is a ramp located on the left for easy access to the top of the container, also shows off the lighting of the map and the other teams spawn.

tn_ty3.jpg This screenshot is from one of the bases. Here you can see the left and right sides and also an access ramp to the roof.

tn_ty4.jpg This screenshot shows off the trains. Here you can see three train tracks and three trains.

Sewers tn_s.jpg This is a view of one of the tunnels. Here you can either take a left or keep going straight.

tn_s2.jpg This is one of the team's main bases. Here you can either go left or right. Use the minimap for your advantage

tn_s3.jpg Here you can see one of the long tunnels. You can also see where it turns on the end.

tn_s4.jpg Here is one of the storage rooms. These storage rooms connect to tunnels together for easy switching. (Tunnel to tunnel)

tn_s5.jpg Here you can see some pipes and some wooden planks. You can also see the end of the tunnel.

tn_s6.jpg The three tunnels on the right are the other teams base. They can spawn in any of the three bases. You can also see the lighting and wire effects.

Roundabout! Welcome to Roundabout! This an upper scale all out roof top battle. Battle it out on the roof tops, but be careful you can end up dead or stuck easily if you slip off one of the ramps!

tn_ra.jpg This is a view from one of the lower-accessed buildings. Here you can see the other sides upper and lower towers.

tn_ra2.jpg Here you can see the plank system. Be careful or you can fall down and literally die!

tn_ra3.jpg Here you can see the middle of the map, which is not accessable due to this an all above ground battle. You can also see some of the right side and almost the whole other side.

tn_ra4.jpg This screenshot shows the plank system at it's best. Here you can see if your not too careful you can fall down and get stuck untill an enemy or a server admin kills you!

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