GRAW 2 v1.0 to v1.05 Patch



Ubisoft has released a patch updating Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 from v1.0 to v1.05.

Changes and fixes in v 1.05

- New speedhack check. - Improved Anti-Cheat system. - Added server log file. - Open the console with a command in the chat: ( /open or /console ). Close it again with /close. - Screenshot bug fixed. - TDM tagging issues fixed. - Playernames now visible in server info window - Added a punish_suicide option to the server_settings.xml file. - Fixed the mounted gun so it will be counted in the statistics. - Added Night vision to the mounted gun. - Objective markers properly removed now in Coop. - Fixed some ordering issues in Campaign Coop. - help_server_settings.txt added to settings directory. - Several tweaks and bugfixes. - 2 New weapons added, M240 Machinegun and M1014 Shotgun. - 3 levels reworked for Multiplayer: coop_retrieve dm_dominion dm_industry dm_sierra hh_industry rvsa_dominion rvsa_industry rvsa_sierra s_industry tdm_dominion tdm_sierra

Changes and fixes in v 1.04

- GameSpy reporting and server info fixes. - Added clean versions of landscapes without backdrop buildings for modders - Tutorials updated. - Servers with unknown ping moved to bottom when sorting on ping. - Server Screenshot function updated. - Player list id number corrected in the console. - Server password settings fixed.

Changes and fixes in v 1.03

- Fixed some firewall server browsing issues. - Fixed server sorting to sort on number of players instead of max. - Fixed save crash on Ageia Island when running Extreme Physics mode. - Fixed missing Rate of Fire sound on the HK21. - Enabled all Map Editor functions. - Added tutorials to public-toolstutorials (Only available in English) - Added various modding tools to public-tools - hud_visibility.xml added to settings folder, which enables advanced users to select transparency of hud elements. - hud_palett_2.xml added to settings folder, enables advanced users to change the colors of the hud and menus. - Fixed some issues with weapon mod equipping / removing. - Fixed some faulty server settings. - Fixed some collision issues on multiplayer maps. - Fixed bugs and occasional crashes. - Ghost speech properly disabled if you uncheck Voice Quotes in options

Changes and fixes in v 1.02

- Fixed some issues with server listing

Changes and fixes in v 1.01

-Speedhacking antimeasure added. -Fixed bugs and occasional crashes. -Added server sorting to the server tab. -Added favorites to the server tab. -Fixed coop order commands if the server died and client became leader. -Fixed "Unnamed" Loyalists for clients in coop. -Fixed friendly markers for clients in coop -Fixed some gui alignment bugs -Fix for crouch leaning. -Fixed some Saving / Loading bugs. -Fixed some scoring issues in Multiplayer. -Interface fixes.


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